Taxi Driver Attacks Car, Dragged in UberX Protest in Toronto [VIDEO]


Taxi drivers staged a city-wide protest against UberX today in Toronto, with things turning ugly when one cabbie started to pound an UberX vehicle and was dragged down the street, but escaping unscathed.

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The incident was captured by CBC News:

Sajid Mugha, of the iTaxi Workers Association, condemned the driver’s actions to CBC News, saying it was “unacceptable,” but did say the incident “illustrates the frustration of our drivers.” Mugha went on to say “If someone was stealing your food, how would you feel?”

Uber’s Susie Heath in an email to CBC News the UberX driver and passenger were not harmed in the incident, but did say “We were alarmed to see this act of taxi aggression against Toronto Uber users,” said

Heath said “rather than blocking the roads and causing fear and frustration, we believe that open collaboration is the best path forward.”

Mayor John Tory called the incident “profoundly unacceptable,” while speaking to reporters at City Hall, and called on cabbies to “stand down.”

According to the Toronto Sun, nearly 2,500 taxi drivers converged at four corners of the city around 7AM local time at the following locations, jamming up streets, to protest Uber:

  • Woodbine Centre at Rexdale Blvd. and Hwy. 27
  • Centrepoint Mall at Yonge St. and Steeles Ave.
  • Food Basics at Victoria Park and Sheppard Aves.
  • Queens Quay and Yonge

Cabbies are angry with UberX, which allows citizens to drive passengers (who can conveniently order a ride via their smartphone) in their private vehicles, undermining traditional taxi companies.

What did you think of this morning’s protests?


  • Tim

    This taxi driver is the reason I don’t take taxis.

  • Tim

    PS. Uber all the way!

  • Not sure why he would get so violent, maybe he wanted to make a scene for the camera.

  • Salinger

    There are many, many videos on YouTube showing taxi drivers threatening and confronting Uber drivers. They may think they’re garnering support for their cause with these antics; they are, in fact, accomplishing exactly the opposite.

    The more I see of this type of idiocy, the less inclined I am to support taxi drivers by using their services. It doesn’t exactly give you a feeling of safety and security to know that the person who is driving you has this level of reason and judgement.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yeah we don’t have Uber here in Vancouver. We can thank Mayor Moonbeam and his ilk for that. It can’t get here quick enough!

  • Crosseyedmofo

    this guy isnt a taxi driver, hes a plate owner

    id post the links but id get modded

    anywhoo his name is Suntharesan Kanagasabai, he owns a limo and a cab plate

    edit: and the narrative that he was dragged is silly… he went out of his way to hold on

  • ipostic

    Agreed. His actions definitely don’t help taxi drivers. I’m sad to see that most News sources report this incident as “Taxi Driver Dragged with an Uber car” making it seem like Uber driver did something wrong. In reality, guy jumped on the car and tried to assault the driver and his property (car).

  • hlna55

    He’s pissed cause the value of a taxi plate itself just plummeted from in the 100s of thousands of dollars to virtually a fraction of that. Thats it, that’s all.


    and… these guys have been making thousands of dollars alone, not by driving a taxi themselves, but by renting/leasing their plates to other drivers that actually use them

  • Tim Hill

    Why would I pay for a ride in a motor vehicle with someone with such a cavalier attitude towards safety?!?

    Much like the cell phone oligopoly – the existing players are terrified of new entrants providing consumers with better value.

  • Lukas Fikr

    He should loose his drivers licence for this behaviour …

  • ABetterWorld

    History proves if there is a technology that exists that is in demand, trying to stop it has never worked. It can be slowed down a tad with laws but it will be in use eventually. Uber is one such development. When skytrain broke down not too long ago, Uber could have alleviated the mess of folks trying to make it home.

  • Uber would probably have to send hover cars to pick people up off the tracks!

  • ABetterWorld

    ? Alright, I’ll have to point out to obvious here. The people stranded waiting for the train to start up again or relief buses to show up.

  • Yeah I know that, was referring to those stuck in the air and always end up walking the tracks.

  • Will

    “if someone was stealing your food, how would you feel?” this statement shows how much these taxi drivers feel they are entitled. they are completely clueless and think that passengers are theirs.

  • Bafoon

    Nice! What a dramatic fool. I was half expecting the driver to run him into the lights.

  • John

    This is exactly why I’ll never take a Taxi. I couldn’t understand one f’ing word this paxi driver said. No doubt this idiot’s intention was to induce a false lawsuit claim against UberX, by trying to cause physical harm to himself.

  • Anon

    There would be a major uprising. Can you imagine the protests in Currey, I mean Surrey?

  • definingsound

    *alleged* Uber driver. It could have been anyone driving a white Civic. And so lucky that no one was injured, the white civic driver almost ran a red, almost hit a cyclist, and forced pedestrians to run for the sidewalk – all because the driver was trying to “run away” from a scene I’ve only seen in Grand Theft Auto games.

  • Actually, it was confirmed to be an Uber car, as noted by CBC News, one of the sources for the story:

    “An Uber Canada spokesperson called the incident “frightening,” and said the company has spoken with both the driver and passenger who were in the Honda. Neither was harmed.”

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Oh I could not have said that better!

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I have to go to the YVR in a couple of weeks & this exact reason is why I won’t take Skytrain because I don’t want to risk this exact scenario and miss my flight. Without Uber I’ll have to hold my fucking nose & call a cab (no pun intended). Can’t wait for the $80.00 bill including tip.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    BRAVO!!!! ???????????????????????????????? Someone who says it like it is!

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Funny you should say that. I actually thought it was video footage from Vancouver until it was revealed that the protest was happening in T.O.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yeah I was kind of surprised not to hear the Uber driver press charges against that hothead. For dramatic effect without a doubt though.