Vancouver Taxi Companies Who Resisted Uber Now Have Their Own ‘eCab’ App


Ecab app

Vancouver’s four main cab companies Black Top Checker Cabs, MacLures Cabs, Vancouver Taxi and Yellow Cab, have just announced the launch of their own eCab iOS app, almost one year after these companies resisted Uber’s plans to launch in the city, CBC News reports.The eCab app is already in use in several cities in Europe, and is now available for download in the Canadian App Store, though it will officially start working in Vancouver from tomorrow.

“What we needed to do was find an app that could integrate all four companies together as one dispatch,” said Bauer. The app, which is already used in 10 cities in Europe, will launch in other Canadian cities in the coming months, according to Bauer.

Similar to the Uber app, the eCab app for iOS and Android platforms also allows users to pre-book a cab, track it in real time, pay with their phone, and rate their driver.

Last year, the above mentioned four taxi companies had launched a lawsuit to prevent Uber from launching its mobile car service in Vancouver, though the lawsuit was eventually dropped after Uber shelved its plans in the face of objections from city hall.

You can grab the app for free at the following App Store link:

Download eCab, the New Taxi Experience for iPhone and Apple Watch [Direct Link]


  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yeah that’s nice but cab companies & their drivers need to learn to keep their vehicles clean, odour & native tongue music or radio free. If Über is a viable alternative then I’ll take Über every single time until cab companies &/or their drivers figure this out. I’m the customer not the cabbies!

  • Kyle Mitton

    1. Stinky, smelly cabs and for ffs shower!
    2. The cab companies already have a strangle hold on cabs, its 1mil+ for a cab lisence.
    3. Uber will never come here because the cab companies all have share holders that have the system under lock and key.

  • SucksToBeMe

    Just tried getting a cab with this – I’m out in Maple Ridge and apparently I’m not important enough to warrant any service here (only Vancouver cab companies have signed up). I’m sure there would be no restriction with Uber – there would be at least one or two UberX drivers out this way that would be able to pick me up.