Apple Leaks iPhone 7 Details, Pre-orders Start Today


Screen shot 2016 09 07 at 1 07 45 pm

Apple’s Twitter account seems to have leaked the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus well before the official announcement (see below), revealing that the new iPhones will be available on September 16th, with pre-orders starting today (via The Verge).


While the design looks quite similar to the previous generation iPhones, the devices feature significant upgrades, including water resistance, dual-lens camera system, stereo speakers and a great looking dark colour scheme, including glossy black.

Screen Shot 2016 09 07 at 22 36 36

We’ll update you with pricing and availability details in Canada and worldwide, as Apple continues its event and makes the official announcement shortly. Stay tuned!


  • Mike

    Ugly as hell

  • Shane

    Doesn’t explode tho

    I’m sold

  • Tyler

    Can you post an update on where we can go to preorder for in store pick up? It always seems to be hard to find

  • FragilityG4

    but even you cant take your eyes off it! Hahahaha

  • FragilityG4

    its not officially released yet. This was a mistake by the twitter account

  • accordtr

    pre-orders are the 9th… that pic was a troll lol

  • MrXax

    ANNNNND it looks like the iPhone Upgrade Program still isn’t coming to Canada. FUCK.

  • Jason

    Most of this was leaked, and with the leaks I was already unimpressed. Waiting another year to do my upgrade. The best thing to come of this was the release of IOS10 on the 13th

  • Eddy Li

    This is literally the worst iPhone they released. What’s new here? Also, don’t you ignorants know that iPhone has been using Samsung’s batteries since very long ago? So don’t even start on battery explosion bs. Those earpods are the funniest looking device I’ve ever seen next to the battery case. Long time iPhone fanboy here, and I think I’m rdy for a switch to a new platform for my phone although I’ll still be using Mac. There isn’t even Apple upgrade program available for Canada and you still worship iPhone. Be ashamed of being a Canadian.

  • “literally the worst iPhone they released”
    What makes it worse than the iPhone 6s? Or the first iPhone?

  • John

    Hmmmm….I didn’t see anything new with iPhone 7 either. 6S had a new feature, force touch and that’s why I was sold but ip7…..nah…..unless you call removing the 3.5mm and selling earpods for over CAD$200 “features”, as he said there is nothing new. They are all minor obvious upgrades.

  • Processor faster, camera much better, screen brighter with wider color gamut, storage space increased, battery life increased, home button redesigned, now officially water resistant, speakers doubled. I find it hard to see what wasn’t improved.

    No new gimmick features if that’s what you were hoping for. What were you hoping for?

  • iSheepIsLikeCancer

    They are obvious upgrades. Go ahead and buy it, iSheep. I’d rather donate the money to children’s hospital.

  • I’m genuinely curious what everyone else was hoping for though. Is there some big feature I’m not aware of that isn’t there?

    If I were to buy a new phone this year, I’d want it to be faster with an improved camera, and I was hoping for water resistant. The new iPhone delivered on what I want in an upgrade, so yeah, I might buy it. What is it that everyone else was wanting that makes this iPhone unacceptable?

  • FragilityG4

    It’s seems that everyone thinks a full redesign equals innovation. I’m excited for this not only because I still use a 5s but it’s a huge jump in speed. The camera system on the Plus looks amazing … I just don’t think I can deal with that big of a phone.

  • FragilityG4

    Hi fAndroid! Welcome to our site … or have you been trolling around for a while?

    Insert angry, nonsensical, hate driven response down here ______

    Have a good day ????

  • Agreed, I don’t like the massive size, but I do like the idea of that camera system.

  • Marco

    I agree with you Ryan, I am excited for the water resistance feature, plus they’re giving headphone adapter for your personal headphones, so not much to complain about.