Waze is Slowly Trying to Put an End to Those Terrible Left Turns



A new update coming to Waze today will help drivers avoid routes that require turns at “difficult intersections.”

This includes turns on a two-way road that does not have a traffic light, intersections that bridge more than two one-way roads, large roundabouts, or turns with reduced visibility. The goal is to help minimize stress for drivers who are willing to find easier routes and avoid annoying junctions.

Left turns are particularly problematic in very large cities that haven’t taken steps to eliminate them. Perhaps chief among them is Los Angeles, where users can now access a new feature in Waze called “Difficult Intersections.”

Turn on the new feature and Waze will adjust the route to, when possible and sensible, take you away from those intersections and into safer routes.


The feature doesn’t eliminate those intersections from the driving route because in some cases they’re unavoidable, as there is either no alternative or the alternative is out of the way and too time consuming to be feasible.

Rather, Waze has added the feature to reduce the number of problematic intersections drivers encounter. Difficult Intersections is turned on by default now in Los Angeles, though drivers can disable it if they wish.

Waze says it will also be made available in New Orleans soon. In time, the feature will be available for cities with problematic intersections around the world as determined by Waze users who identify them as unsafe or troublesome.


  • Someone

    Fear of left turns is for people who shouldn’t be driving 😉

  • Mikef2007

    Here’s an idea. Learn how to drive?

  • gerry

    lol and don’t stop unless their ‘is’ a STOP sign.

  • winnertakesteve

    i paid a pretty steep injury price for a person who made a ‘difficult left turn’ without checking the crosswalk they were turning into. its easy to smugly say ‘learn to drive’ but sometimes that includes the wisdom to know when its safer to avoid a difficult spot.

  • MrXax

    I don’t understand why this sort of functionality isn’t already built into any navigation app. The apps should be well aware of left turns at certain intersections at certain times which cost a lot of time, and route accordingly.

  • Quattro

    You missed the point. It’s not about driving skills at all. It’s about endless on-coming traffic that makes it almost impossible to find a big enough break in both directions to make a turn.

    Granted, by law, you CAN pull out into the on-coming traffic on your left (when there is a break from that direction) and wait for a break in the on-coming traffic on your right, even though you will end up bringing traffic from the left to a standstill. But that’s just rude, so people rarely do it.

  • erth

    this app is on the leading edge. this is why apple car play should allow it. they have no comparable app to compete. please allow it.