Welcome to the New and Improved v5.0 (Beta)


If you’re reading this then you probably have noticed our site has a new clean and refreshed look. Welcome to v5.0 (beta).

Iic logo 250

It’s been a long road since November of 2007 when this site was first launched to detail the life of using the original iPhone in Canada. We have evolved over the years to cover more than just the iPhone, as we also follow all things Apple-related. Our purpose is to inform you, our loyal reader about relevant Canadian news related to mobile and technology too.

The refreshed design has been a project started 8 months ago, conceptualized by Joshua from Think Web Strategy. Here are some features of our new look:

  • Simple, higher contrast design: we wanted to create an easier and more pleasant reading experience. We also have a new refreshed logo.
  • Responsiveness: no matter what device you use to read our stories, the site will automatically adjust your browser with unique views for the iPhone (mobile), iPad (tablet) and web.
  • Lightweight: the new design was built from scratch and geared for speed and performance in mind. We’re in the process of making everything much faster than before.

Over the next week or so we will continue to work out kinks to leave our beta stage. In the meantime, I’d like to thank everyone for continuing to support us over the years. We really appreciate it and the awesome community we’ve been able to foster.Below is an iPhone 5 wallpaper you can start using right away, if you wish (via Usman):

Iicv5 wallpaper

Stay tuned, as we have a big surprise coming to kick off this announcement!

Update: the floating ad on the mobile site will be removed.

Update May 3: YouTube video embeds now resize to fit your screen.


  • I just do not like the way ads are between posts. It annoys me.

  • Geedub

    Your logo is terrible. It has no connection to iPhones or Canada. It looks like a weird pacman. I don’t understand that choice at all.

  • Cyrus Wu

    The layout went from shit to shit. Be glad that your content is still good.

  • unimpressed

    terrible, more ads than content.

  • MikeJenkinson

    Keep up the good work, Gary. I really appreciate all the work you put into the site, the tips and news.

  • Sean Wu

    The icon is bad, layout even worse. I miss the old one.

  • TheWingNut

    Congratulations on monetizing the site. All the ads in my face must be bringing in lots of cash.

    Bye, it’s been nice.

  • jabohn

    Site design is better than the last one but still not as good as the one before that. Agreed on the logo… it’s bad,

  • Love the content on the site. Not so fond of the new look. Looked much more professional before.

  • smac6

    I agree. The ads are too invasive and until that changes I not going to look this site up on my iPhone.

  • With Adblock this new design is fine, logo is a little weird.
    Cant really comment on the ads though… suppose it would be annoying if i checked this site on my phone

  • WatDah

    Install Adblock.

  • Peter

    The site looks great man!

  • WatDah

    Sorry Gary, but the logo is pretty bad. Layout was much more professional before as well…
    It will make more sense if the “OLDER” and “NEWER” buttons on the bottom switched sides (newer left, older right), with the page links in between them.

  • Steve

    Somewhat cleaner, BUT it just makes the annoying ads (which are blasted all over the place) stick out more. Some ads not even related to the site in general (car and wallet ads, WTF?). Seems to be more, and more of an ad promo site than anything else. Kinda makes me not want to visit this place anymore.

  • Steve

    Install Adblock just for 1 site? No thanks. Adblock also slows down the browsing experience as well.

  • WatDah

    No, I choose to install it so I don’t get ads anywhere. Not necessary just for this site.

    Correction: If you’re using Chrome, it’s not slowing down the page, but you don’t gain speed either as Chrome is actually loading and hiding the ads out of sight. But with Firefox, the browsing speed will improve since Adblock Plus actually stop the ads from loading in the first place.

  • beavisaur

    I really despise the new look.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Site is really awkward to use on iPhone. I keep getting bell ads that popup and take over my screen. They start playing video and when I close them I get returned to a blank page with yologo at the top and nothing else. I then have to reload the page and hope to avoid that ad.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I should also add that post above was poorly edited because text entry is very buggy.

  • Thanks Mike!

  • FragilityG4

    I guess you’re of the thought that bandwidth and web hosting is free ….

  • FragilityG4

    As I said above to another similar remark: I guess you’re of the thought that bandwidth and web hosting is free ….

  • Al

    It’s dirt cheap.

    Having said that, I can appreciate that this is a source of income. Just be careful not to cross the line, as you wouldn’t want to drive people away and reduce your number of hits.

  • Al

    Looks worse on IE – elongated and disproportionate.

  • Al

    I’ve noticed (in IE at least) that I have to click the Post button twice before it actually works. The first click reduces the size of the text box and the second click actually posts the message.

  • Randy

    Well, at least I know I won’t be contacting Joshua for any websites I want created. On my Adblock-enabled Firefox browser it’s fine but on my iPhone, it’s an ad-orgy. I’ll probably still check out the site but it’s not as easy to navigate as it used to be.

  • I really like this new look – the high contrast is appealing and I like that the ads are off to the side (on the computer) and that the selection of articles viewed from the home page are rather succinct. However, I must say that the new logo is rather plain, and does not “wow” me. Nevertheless, I like the facelift you’ve given the site!

  • Al

    To me “ic” means “integrated circuits”. It just doesn’t make sense. The point of the site is “iPhone”. “Canada” is more subtext. Maybe do “iP” and use a different colour to identify a “C” within the loop of the “P”? There’s got to be dozens of better logo options than this. I also don’t get what the notch represents. As it is, it just looks like a big red blob.

    Sorry. Honestly just trying to be constructive.

  • jabohn

    It looks like someone took a small piece of pie.
    Gary, if interested I am willing to come up with something for free…pro graphic designer here.:)

  • FragilityG4

    Cheap, maybe, not free.

  • zapperman

    Ugh – yes, this is just not pretty. The proportions are just not right and I find it clumsy. I mainly view on my iphone and had to see for myself what all the talk about the ads was. Once I disabled adblock and refreshed, I saw it! Not against ads, but I am just not used to them anyway and they don’t really affect me much. I generally just really don’t like the appearance.

  • Madhatter

    Gary we know you are looking for feedback – positive or negative. The new site is clean – for computer – but I do hope you have ‘an iPhone’ version. Very difficult to read on iPhone & the ‘dancing’ ads (Bell) as previously mentioned are very annoying. If you don’t click it properly, it will open another page. Ads pay for the site, but if followers cease you won’t have to worry. Balance is important. I could barely make comments as this section is freezing. Your site is also eerily similar to Mike Agerbo’s Tech Daily – same template or designer? The logo is ok

  • crosseyed_mofo

    omg a graphic designer on an apple site? get out?

    sorry couldnt help it πŸ™‚

  • crosseyed_mofo

    your work is appreciated gary and crew

  • Al

    The point was (to support complaints of many invasive ads) – if just paying for hosting, far less ads would likely do. In fact, many people spend more on coffee in a day then the cost to host a site.

  • jabohn

    I should clarify, I’m a GOOD graphic designer.

  • FragilityG4

    And what’s Gary’s time worth? A donut?

  • Just a heads up, that Bell ad is not part of our design and is in the process of being removed. Thanks for your patience and feedback everyone.

  • Would love to see your portfolio πŸ™‚

  • einsteinbqat

    That left rounded side is really weird.

  • einsteinbqat

    The left rounded side is really weird.

  • LL

    Have to say I agree with

  • LL


  • Steve

    No, there are ways to monetize a site with ads, without ad blasting all over the place (mainly within articles). MobileSyrup for example, has ads without it being so annoying. Also, it’s not like I’m the only one complaining either.

  • Starklet

    It’s almost impossible to navigate your new site on a mobile without clicking ads… Please do something about it!

  • Starklet

    No it’s definitely not terrible… You just don’t like it…

  • Daddymack

    Love the new responsive design, very nice! All you losers complaining, go get a life other sites also have lots of ads (some with even more) but you guys don’t say anything over there, this is a nice design!!


    HTML5 is the norm these days, so I can see why this site has been redesigned to use the latest advancements in web technologies. Congrats Gary!

  • Al

    You reputedly referenced web hosting. Now you’re changing the parameters. Which, BTW, I addressed 2 posts earlier.

  • FragilityG4

    My point is everything cost money and it would seem that some people can’t respect that. Now as far as to how much things cost, like web hosting, it’s still a cost no matter how much. And at the end of the day Gary is doing this because he loves it but is he not entitled to make a profit if possible? Or should work towards breaking even?

  • Adriano Mancino

    One major issue I have is the fact the related posts are too big and push the comments too far down. Either tighten them up so I can actually see the comments section (smaller icons) or put it below the comments, or above the story.

  • The new site sucks wont be tuning in again

  • ticky13

    I don’t know what platform you’re using in regards to this complaint, but on an iMac they seem a good-enough size to me.

  • ticky13

    New site looks great!

  • einsteinbqat

    Even if the circle is smaller and placed higher, the news post still looks weird. What is wrong with rectangles or nothing at all. Just the image on the left and the text to the right of it?

  • Steve

    You don’t get it. That’s got nothing to do with the MANY complaints of intrusive ads. As I mentioned, many blogs out there making big profits without stooping to that level of marketing.

  • FragilityG4

    I get it … You’re whining because its changed. In a week you won’t notice it anymore.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    i was about to write a negative comment for the new lookNfeel of iPic however after reading this post, i wil hold on that for a while until You have the RC (release candidate) delivered. marc

  • Thanks for your patience we are working on removing the floating mobile ad.

  • ward09

    Although I don’t like change, and kinda miss the look of the old site, I have to admit the site is now much easier to read on the iPad. Great site Gary and team! I’ve followed You guys for a long time and will continue to do so.

  • Steve

    No you STILL don’t. But, I’ve had enough with your troll comments.

  • Thanks Bob!

  • Thanks Patrick

  • FragilityG4

    Troll? I think not. I’ve been a regular reader of this site since its inception. Methinks you must be the troll … You don’t even want to have a registered Disqus account.
    And I do get it, you are whining. Scroll pass the ads, its not a big deal. In a week you won’t even notice it.
    Calm down and stop being so angry.

  • Entered! Twitter @qphustler

  • myiphone

    Just hate the new layout. Can’t make sense of anything. The stupid ugly round graphics gives one a feeling of narrow vision – like something is left out. Feels constraining. Just HATE this. Will probably stop using the site if it stays like this.

    It truly is that badly designed. Steve would not have been happy.

  • devtesting

    Sorry guys, but I can no longer stand to look at this site. It was great before but this design is the most horrendous one I’ve ever seen. It’s so jarring on the eyes that I can no long stand to look at it. I’m now deleting the bookmark for this site. Too bad, I liked the content. Will check back from month to month to see if you have reverted back or moved on to something else. It really is that bad.

  • Hi Gary, I visited your website today and the whole main menu is showing without css styling. I know that to make a huge change like this one, takes time. Don’t worry about people saying they won’t visiting your website anymore. I’m sure they will return when a new iPhone is released. Keep up the good work!
    I’m attaching a screen capture to show you how I see it.

  • maximcs

    appearance is terrible now…sorry…icons are bad. please bring back the old design…

  • Prailor

    With adblock installed i like the site, simple no distractions, i dont see all the ads that you guys are talking about. and i haved used it for a while and dont notice a speed difference, the new logo, not bad, also simple
    i wont leave

  • I must ask, being a site focused on the iPhone – why is the comments system such a nightmare to use while actually on an iPhone?

    Text is difficult to edit once input (cursor appears but input is ignored if you try to inline edit already existing text in the input box), and often the buttons (respond, edit, etc) are simply unresponsive. I’m often left being forced to touch-hold the “respond” button and open it in a new tab to generate a response, then more often than not intend up in the no-response edit issue detailed above once I actually start typing but need/want to change my text afterwards.

    The issues seem random, and sometimes dependent on if I’m viewing the site in landscape mode or not. It’s all very irritating.

  • That’s pretty annoying. We use Disqus to serve our comments. We’ll look into it.

  • Someone

    This version isn’t so good. It crashes and the ads are extremly annoying. Bring back the old one back plz.

  • ????Dennis

    Not sure what the actual site looks like, but to all the complainers out there… Why not try using Flipboard and read all the news from there? That’s what I have been doing since Flipboard came out. It’s clean and easy to read on mobile. Just search iPhoneincanada and at it.

  • Chelsea

    Just use Flipboard, like Dennis had mentioned.