WhatsApp Launches Web Client, iOS Excluded Due to Apple’s “Platform Limitations”


WhatsApp today has announced a new web browser client to allow users to chat and browse conversations mirrored from their smartphone. The service will be available to Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 users.

What about iOS users you say? They are excluded because of what the company says are “limitations” of Apple’s platform, without going into specifics:

Unfortunately for now, we will not be able to provide web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations.

For others though, all they need to do is connect their web browser to WhatsApp by using Chrome. Here, a QR code is scanned by WhatsApp on your smartphone to make the pairing.

whatsapp web client

In order for the web client to work, your phone needs to stay connected to the internet and also be using the latest version of WhatsApp. If you’re going to try this out, let us know how it works for you. Hopefully one day iOS users will be able to use WhatsApp on the web.


  • Tim

    Apple really SUCKS sometimes.

  • Chris

    While this sounds like a neat idea, honestly, any time i’m on my computer, my phone is sitting next to me on the desk. I’m not sure how useful that feature would be for me at least.

  • DFG

    All the time bro.. android FTW

  • Andy

    Full bodied messages in a fraction of the time. Compare typing a message on a phone, versus on a desktop/laptop keyboard.

  • Chris

    As I have been speaking from my own personal experience, I don’t compose full on email sized messages to those I chat with on a messaging service. Also, years of typing on my iPhone have taught me to type at a half decent speed 😉

  • David Morón

    Typing on a full size keyboard is better by far. There is no way you can not see this.

  • Chris

    By all means, yes. A full sized keyboard and a 15 inch laptop screen is way more productive than a 4 inch phone screen shared with the keypad.
    I am speaking from my own use with messaging apps. I don’t write novels to my friends when chatting with them.
    That being said, my phone is always with me whereas my computer isn’t.

  • victor

    someone feeling jelly

  • Rudiger

    this is a feature thats been available to android users for years Mighty Text. Its a feature i use on a daily basis. Few times I’ve left my phone at home in the morning, thanks to services like this im stil able to keep contact with people. One of the many reasons to leave iOS behind.

  • David Morón

    I’m at home or at the office most of the time, and not having to pick up my phone to write something to my friends is great.

    I understand you wouldn’t use this if you aren’t close to a computer all the time, but for those who are, this is extremely useful.

  • Larry

    Why does IPhone close itself from the world ayi? To begin with almost everything is for sale……nothing for free……now we can’t do what the whole world is doing…..I guess I have a choice……Android here I come.