Who Wins this Drop Test? iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 [VIDEO]


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It’s that time again to watch yet another drop test from the folks over at Android Authority. This time they have put the iPhone 5 up against the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 in their infamous drop test, done by the energetic Darcy LaCouvee in Hong Kong. Who wins this unscientific drop test?

Find out below:

Android Authority concludes the following:

There you have it. History repeats itself. The Galaxy S4 may be better than the S3 in most ways, but the build quality and resistance to damage appear to have remained unchanged. In fact, we will go out on a limb to say that the smaller bezels have actually diminished the robustness of the Galaxy S4.

The iPhone 5 passed another drop test with flying colors, emerging with only cosmetic damage. For what it’s worth, the screen of the Apple device did shatter when we tested it against the HTC One, but that’s another story.

So they conclude the iPhone 5 wins, yet again. Sorry Samsung!

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  • Maybe they should have put more effort into the build quality and less in to sHealth, lol.

  • ZING!

  • Yermumma

    Stupid samcrap. Nodoby got time for dat sheet.

  • Mark

    These drop tests are ridiculous. Dropping a phone once or twice from a certain level says nothing. If we wanted to glean some real data from these tests, you’d have to do it many more times in a more controlled environment where each phone underwent identical handling. There are so many variables at play, such as how the phone was released. A human trying to compare two phones by ‘accidently’ dropping them is silly. Each phone impacts the ground differently because there are respective nuances in each release of the phone that aren’t repeated with the next drop. The idea that you can assert anything about either phone after three drops is stupid.

  • Nor bronchitis

  • FragilityG4

    Although I do agree with your point in principal, I would argue that the tests they’ve preformed with the iPhone 4/4S/5 have all yielded similar results throughout the years.

  • crappleblows

    This only proves that iphones are for dumbass clumsy people

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