Why I Don’t Need an iPhone 5 at WWDC and Neither Do You


Earlier today Apple announced the dates for their Worldwide Developer Conference, set for June 6-10. If you’re a developer and you want the hottest ticket in town, it’s going to cost you $1599 (the event will sell out once again in days).

In the WWDC events in the past, Apple has unveiled new iPhones for the world. This might change as we reported earlier on ‘delayed’ iPhone 5 announcements. Today, over at The Loop (they have a good track record of solid Apple sources), they are saying we won’t see any new iPhone, iPad, or Mac hardware announced at WWDC.

Apple’s apparent focus on software in its WWDC announcement backs up what my own sources are saying about the annual conference. That is, expect a software show in 2011, not a hardware event.

Why I Still Love my iPhone 4 and Would Hate to See it Replaced

The iPhone 4 had the biggest jump in features coming from the iPhone 3GS. Retina Display, new thinner design, FaceTime with dual cameras, better battery life, and the faster A4 chip that debuted with the iPad. I still marvel at the iPhone 4 as an entire package, and my only wish is for a revamped version of iOS–particularly the way Push Notifications are handled.

What would Apple bring in the next iPhone 5? It would make sense to incorporate the A5 chip from the iPad 2, have a bigger screen…and… espresso maker? The jump from an iPhone 4 to the next iPhone would have to be a huge jump (thus, Apple waiting more than a year to allow the iPhone 4 to sell further), or it could be an tiny incremental one like moving from the iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS.

What I’m saying is that my iPhone 4 can delay my insatiable appetite for the next iPhone 5 at bay for much longer than previous iPhones. Features we’ve longed for made it into the iPhone 4. The hardware is already decent–what I’m waiting for is iOS 5 to land on my doorstep, which we’re going to see at this year’s WWDC. Sure, maybe I’ve been spoiled by upgrading to a new iPhone every year. However, I’m putting my bets on iOS 5 to deliver the ‘new’ iPhone I’ve been waiting for this summer.

I’m not saying that I won’t jump on the iPhone 5 if it’s actually announced this summer (come on, who can resist upgrades? I recently bought the iPad 2), but I’m saying the iPhone 4 can prolong any twitches to upgrade for at least another 6-10 months. Apple understands that you don’t need to deliver new hardware every 6 months (like RIM and their excessive Blackberry models). They have mastered the art of seamlessly delivering software updates through iOS to give us new features. iOS 5 is going to be huge, and I can’t wait for what will be announced.

How much ‘longer’ can you wait with your iPhone 4 before wanting a new phone?

iPhone 5 mockup

[The Loop]


  • Agree with you on this one! iOS5 is much more needed than any incremental hardware upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    I skipped the original and the 3GS, so skipping the 5 would be my expected pattern – to stay on fully subsidized upgrades.

  • Thomson

    I disagree.. I’m so sick of having a glass phone in my pocket that I have to constantly worry about breaking.. And always having to keep a case of it so it doesnt crack.. Why web bother having a nice looking phone if you can never see it!

    I will be buying a new phone this summer with out a doubt and if there’s no iPhone 5 then I will be saying goodbye to apple

  • LoveMyiPhone

    My iPhone 4 will last until I really need to get a new phone. I am very satisfied with it and it has pretty much everything I need and want, plus I have a 10.1″ laptop (not a big fan of iPad and I think a laptop can actually do more than iPad while I already have an iPhone with 99% of the functions and abilities.) I think I am gonna be good for a while.

  • Anonymous

    Well, then you shouldn’t have bought it at the first place.


    Yeah but the original iPhone adopter in Canada is the iPhone 3G with most of us 3 years contract and we don’t upgrade every year so it’s due for an update!!!!
    iPhone 3G was already crippled by the iOS 4.X, it’s sloooow! and we don’t get the 4.3.x update anymore.
    It’s EOL, thus we need the iPhone 5!!!! Badly :S

  • marchie_78

    interesting points and a little unexpected. Something to think about

  • Flaxx

    Hmm… If this is true, it could be bad for the big telco companies that insist on contracts because people on the 3GS (through contract) will have the choice of leaving them since it will have been 3 years.. Instead of being tempted to upgrade at the 2 year mark. I’ll probably be one of those people (I’m eligible for hardware upgrade this summer and out of contract the following summer)

  • Auto Strada

    🙁 When I lost my 3gs 2 months ago, I deliberately didn’t buy an iP4 because I wanted to wait for the 5. Now that it may be delayed, I may have to buy the 4 because my old 3g is driving me insane.

  • Red Star

    Although I have an iPhone 4 I’m not an Apple fanboy! I have and been eagerly waiting for something to dethrone the iPhone! It’s been 3 years and still nothing!! I hate to admit it but there isn’t a company out there that can accomplish this feat! Some have come close but close only counts with horse shoes and… In a nut shell if you the unthinkable and switch, you’ll be back!!

  • Bobisyouruncle

    I’m in Canada and have been waiting for my 3 year contract on a 3G to expire before updating to the iPhone 5.

    No way I’m getting an iPhone 4, and, since I may have to wait until 2012, I guess I’ll just have to look into one of those fancy android thingies.

    Probably not, but I’ll be bummed if I have to wait for the iPhone5.

  • Mr. Speedy

    ??? What the iPhone 4 isn’t an option for upgrade to you guys?

  • Jean B

    No way !
    I have a 3GS, and I am eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5.
    I will have upgrade rights this summer, and the 5 better be there !
    3 must-haves for me:
    1- metal back- the glass back worries me. (and maybe tapered side for easier pick-up)
    2- A5 dual core CPU ( my 3GS seems slower every day)
    3- A bigger screen would be nice, I love those big android srceens.

    Jean B


    It’s over 8 months old!!! 😛


    Thinking about the same thing… Futureshop is taking pre-orders for Nexus S for Rogers, Fido, etc…
    Mr. Jobs, iPhone 5 better be out this Summer or I will be jumping to Android! and maybe jumping right back in when the iPhone 5 is finally out :S

  • Neil

    As appealing as the iphone 4 is, buying it now would seems pretty useless, as its the same price it was 8 months ago. Meaning that I would have to pay the same amount of money for technology that is 8 months old. If the iphone 5 doesn’t come out this summer, I’m getting an android.

  • it’s going to take some serious changes to get me to upgrade.. my iPhone 4 is far more than I could have ever dreamed for in a phone.. when I had the 3g, it lacked things, the 3gs was pretty amazing, and I do remember thinking “theres no way they make the iPhone 4 that much better that I’ll need to upgrade.. and then they wow’d me.. and I had to upgrade.. I LOVE my iPhone 4.. it’s made me have to use my MacBook a lot less for regular every day computing. as you said, apple is really good at releasing new sweet features in their iOS updates, so I think iOS 5 will probably be enough of an upgrade for me to wait until the next iPhone.. but I was wrong about the 4.. so maybe I will be on this one

  • Dee

    I have a 3GS. I have upgrade rights come this fall, and was really looking forward to getting the new iPhone. I really don’t want to wait another year for another iPhone and keep my now 2 year old 3GS. I’ll look into Android as well if that’s the case, and skip a year or two of iPhone cycles.

  • Demosthenes X

    The iPhone 5 is probably going to be the same design, so you might as well go get yourself a nice Android/Blackberry/Windows phone now… ::)

  • Anonymous

    u dont have to wait for it to expire. you’ll likely get the same deals signign a new contract, as those who do the annual iPhone promo early upgrade.

  • Codeblue009

    i think ur right. the only thing is, if they aren’t making an iphone 5 yet will they charge $$$ for the BIG IOS 5 update???? but actually i still think they will do a minor update (larger screen, faster(cpu and 3G), nfc, HD facetime, better camera, maybe smart covers for iphone???).

  • Mark C

    Have to agree with the write up. I went from a 3G to 4 and the upgrade was huge. My daughter still has a 3G and is always complaining that it’s super slow. Don’t get me wrong she is super happy to have the thing but compared to 4 there’s a big difference. I too am happy to wait for a while. I don’t really see big reasons to upgrade. The 4 is plenty fast for what I use it for and I don’t mind the glass at all; I usually baby it anyway (and I have a skin protecting the front and back).

    I was more interested in the iPad upgrade but that also is minor IMHO. I was waiting to get my wife an iPad 2 but have opted to get her a refurbished original for a huge price savings.

    Even if iPhone 5 comes out next spring, I doubt I’ll be upgrading even then. But I’ll reserve that judgement till I know what the new features are.

  • i just have to wait for two years, because fido lets you upgrade sooner. sure i have 3 year contract but they let you go sooner. But yeah i have no problems waiting with my iphone 4

  • Positronmchappy

    I just got the iPhone 4 in JAN & then got an iWalk; battery case like Mophie & sold in Canada via Showcase store. The only flaw now is the speaker so no upgrading for me until that happens or phone won’t charge or something; Summer 2012, prob.

  • Auclair

    Yeah.. i’m scared about that.. you know.. i was really happy with my 3G and then the IOS4 came out.. and suddenly my phone become useless.. i was really mad about Apple.. and then you know what.. bought an Iphone4.. yup..

    can’t wait to see the IOS 5.. you know, the one who will be designed for the A5 chip.. that IOS who will bring my Iphone4 to get super slow and useless like they did for my 3G.. Developpers who will make their apps made for a dual core processor witch will be unrunnable on my old, useless little simple core chip Iphone 4

    yeah we know how it work and they know that we will jump on it.. making lineups for it and for people who complaining and ranting about them.. will get one anyway…

    Apple empire got us, admit it…

  • Elducker

    It’s hard to imagine what Apple could do to improve the specs or design of the iP4. That’s what makes Apple different from every other consumer electronics company…they always seem able to raise the bar.
    I went from the 3G to the 4 on launch day…and it goes without saying the upgrade was exponential.
    I personally don’t want a bigger phone (or display)…unless they maintain the ppi, which would cause havoc for developers, so that’s unlikely. I love the retina display so much that I’m holding off on the iPad for now…it’s just so pixilated! It’s like when I made the jump to HDTV…once I tried it I could never go back.
    Some features Iove:
    Speed is great on the 4.
    Excellent video quality.
    Decent battery life.
    A billion uses.
    Beautiful design.

    I carry this little package of glass, aluminum and electronics around in my pocket all day, every day…and at least once or twice a week I catch myself being taken aback at just how beautiful this device is to hold, to look at and to use.

    Love my iPhone 4.

  • Anonymous

    Makes some sense… They can put the latest tech into the phone that most Android phones will have by then. Plus some of that tech will have been tested already so Apple can simply build on what it wants in there.

  • xxJDxx

    Wasn’t it just the other day we were hearing that the iphone 5 was coming and iOS5 would be delayed? I’m sure apple isn’t delaying without good reason. Either to build a specific piece of hardware into it that isn’t ready for production yet, or perhaps due to supply shortages due to the disaster in Japan or some other sort of supply shortage.
    But I doubt Apple hardware designers work too much on software so i doubt they are busy working on other things….

  • Tc

    As much as my IP4 is amazing, I would like to see the next iPhone drop about 1/3 of it’s weight.

  • Anonymous

    Same here. Got the 3G, the 2 years later the 4.

  • Anonymous

    Depends if iOS5 does to my ip4 what iOS4 did to my 3G.

  • Anonymous

    I agree Gary, I love my iPhone 4 and I think I’ll be passing on the next iteration.

  • Whiterhino14

    I’m Thinking the same thing. I really don’t know what they could change to make me spend another 800 bucks. Even if it does have NFC , we really won’t see retailers adopting the change for a long time to come. I’ve owned all 4 Iphones and this is the first time I haven’t been totally stoked about an upgrade. At this point in the game they are only looking at minor improvements at best. The current Iphone 4 is so loaded it’s really hard to imagine anything ground breaking on the Iphone 5. I’ll have to see it before I make my final decision but right now I’m not planning to upgrade.

  • MexiCanuck

    I’m disappointed to read this. It seems that the only time Rogers offers the 6 GB for $30 is when there is a hardware upgrade. So my plan to get the 6 GBs will be delayed.

  • Sparky

    I really hope they release the iPhone 5 this summer. I’m already bored by my iPhone 4 and it’s gotten pretty sluggish. I can’t wait for iOS 5 either, but iOS 5 on iPhone 5 would be perfect. 

    I REALLY do not like the metal back mock ups. I think the itouch is ugly. I love the look of the iPhone 4.

    Wishes for iPhone 5:

    -Slightly thinner (I don’t mind If they they keep the current overall design). They could shave some off the glass as in the iPad 2.

    -Wider and slightly taller screen

    -Improved antenna

    -A5 chip

    -Maybe 1 GB ram

    NFC I don’t care either way. 

    -Better battery

    -Improve wifi antenna more (bigger range)

    -HSPA+ would be great

    If they could increase the strength and scratch resistance of the glass even more that’d be good too


    -Better cameras, front! and back

    That’d make me happy. 

  • Zooey

    I have the iPhone 3G and am absolutely fed up with it. It’s become extremely slow and glitchy. I can’t wait for the iPhone 5!

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