WatchOS 4.1 to Bring Wi-Fi Control for LTE Apple Watches


Watch os 4 1

In addition to addressing Wi-Fi and cellular handoff issues, the upcoming WatchOS 4.1, which is expected to release at the end of the month, will also add a new blue button on Control Center to toggle Wi-Fi on Series 3 Apple Watches with LTE. As noted by CNET in WatchOS 4.1 preview, the toggle button lets you use cellular even when the watch is in range of a known Wi-Fi network.

“I’ve been using a preview of WatchOS 4.1, and I noticed the new blue Wi-Fi toggle button on my Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular. The toggle button is just for added control. 

The Wi-Fi control button was absent in previous versions of WatchOS, but only cellular models of Apple Watch Series 3 will have the feature.”

It must however be noted that the Apple Watch still cannot select specific Wi-Fi networks, which means the toggle just deactivates Wi-Fi altogether. Also, when the watch comes back into contact with another known Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi will automatically toggle on again as it does in iOS 11, unless you forget the Wi-Fi network on your iPhone

The WatchOS 4.1 update will also bring music streaming over cellular and Wi-Fi via Apple Music and iCloud Music libraries, as well as a new streaming Radio app to Apple Watches.


  • Kirk

    Any word on whether it brings back iPhone library functionality to play it over your iPhone remotely like how it was since Watch OS3? It’s very annoying that they took out that feature. The “now playing” watch face that shows up when you play something has no functionality whatsoever. It’s such a shame. I need to send ? a feedback complaint lol

  • Mark Holoubek

    At 21% I’d be more worried about finding my charger…