Wi-Fi Assist Now States Data Usage in Settings [iOS 9.3 Beta]


Wi-Fi Assist, a feature that debuted with iOS 9, was released to “automatically use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor.” The problem with this feature is that those with small data plans ended up incurring overages, so many people opted to turn it off.

Apple explained at the time “you might use more cellular data” with Wi-Fi Assist, but noted for majority of users, “this should only be a small percentage higher than previous usage.” (however, this teen with an alleged $2,000 phone bill may disagree)

New in iOS 9.3 though, is the addition of data use statistics for Wi-Fi Assist. Data used now shows up in under the Wi-Fi Assist setting, as seen below (via reader @DeanLubaki):

Wifi assist ios 9 3

If you’ve suspected Wi-Fi Assist to be overextending your paltry data plan, this new data counter within iOS 9.3 should put that to rest.


  • It’ll be interesting to see if WiFi Assist was really the issue in future days, or if people simply turned off wifi and forgot, or their router glitched up and needed to be reset.

    I’m curious, because I know it’s easier to point fingers rather than admit you screwed up.

  • Flash

    I imagine it will be this exactly. My company has 20 iPhones and it happened that our company went over our pooled limit, which is quite high. Everyone was pointing fingers at wifi assist cause they read it somewhere, meanwhile one guy racked up 28gb in snap chat usage on his phone and didn’t realize his router at home was disconnected.

  • hub2

    If only iOS was updated and there’s been no change in individual habits, especially when they’ve been meticulous about ensuring they’re on wifi (initially, anyway) at their usual haunts, and then suddenly one month there’s many gigabytes overage… I’m quite willing to believe wifi assist was the culprit in many cases.

  • erth

    i don’t understand why my iphone 6 isn’t allowed to use wifi assist on a bell network. this is a blatant money grab? i have a t-mobile account in the states and it works fine, no issues. can’t the functionality on phones just be used? it isn’t even like bell wants more money for this, they say you have to have a iphone 6s. very weird if you ask me.

  • 28Gb in snap chat?!?! Good lord.
    but yes, I agree with you that I believe media sways people’s judgment.

  • biggy1000

    I had a 7 gig plan and had large overages for the three months that I had the beta that suddenly stopped once I figured out the issue. My office has bad wifi so I was constantly using my data. There simply was no way of knowing it was on.

    I was going into my settings and turning stuff off.

    I became a data munk.