Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2S Smartphone Rips Off iPhone X Gestures


Keeping up with its tradition of blatantly copying Apple, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has ripped off the iPhone X gestures for its forthcoming Mi Mix 2S flagship smartphone. After doing away with the home button like the iPhone X, the Chinese copycat has now added the same swipe up control gestures to the Mi Mix 2S as found in the iPhone X (via CultOfMac).

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

Featuring Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 processor, the iPhone X-inspired Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S sports an edge-to-edge display with a “notch” hosting the front camera, as well as two rear-facing cameras, which sit in the center of the phone, rather than the corner as found in the iPhone X. The notch on the device is also much smaller, and sits in the top right corner of the display. It also features a fingerprint scanner embedded into its display.

“The Mi Mix 2S is missing any kind of Home button like iPhone X, so Xiaomi has adopted the same gesture controls. The leaked video below demonstrates how a swipe from the bottom of the screen, followed by a short pause, can invoke the app switcher.

It seems the Mi Mix 2S isn’t quite as response as iPhone X with those swipe gestures. It doesn’t have a gesture indicator at the bottom of its display, either. However, this is a short video, so it would be unfair to form an opinion on it just yet.”

Check out the video clip below and tell us what you think:


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I thought everyone stopped caring about copying now that everyone copies from everyone else. Mac OS is a copy of the Xerox Star, Windows is a copy of Mac OS, iPhone X notch is a copy of the Essential Phone PH-1’s notch. And the app switcher in the video sure looks like the iPhone’s app switcher which sure looks like the Palm Pre’s app switcher. I think it’s only news these days if a company does NOT copy an existing idea.


    There is a difference between blatant rip off which you can be sued over and modelling and improving.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    So you’re saying when Apple went from a text based interface of the Apple II to a desktop interface copied from Xerox, that was not a blatant rip off? I mean they only copied the mouse, a graphical user interface based on a desktop metaphor, windows, drop down menus a point and click method of selecting, scrolling windows via a scroll bar – you know, just everything. So that’s ok, but copying the App selector is not ok even though Apple stole the idea from Palm.

  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    Xerox gave away their interface to Apple as they had no idea the value of what they had. So thank Apple and especially Microsoft for bringing the modern desktop to the world. Apple settled their dispute with Microsoft with an “investment” in Apple during Jobs return in 1997. So Microsoft did the right thing when Apple needed help. There would have been no Palm if it had not been for Apple’s Newton. Palm was garbage and so they went out of business. Apple used to fly a pirate flag over their HQ. Steve Jobs was quoted as saying “good artists copy, great artists steal.” Translated, because the statement was not meant to be taken literally, means model and improve beyond it’s original inspiration. Apple’s billion dollar battle with Samsung proves that if you have money to lawyer up then you can copy and get away with it. I for one don’t see the harm in it as long as the tech keeps getting improved. Otherwise it’s just lazy business practice.

  • FragilityG4

    I think it’s all funny and in the end the consumer wins!

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I don’t think we disagree. My point was that everyone freely copies everyone these days to the point that it is expected. For example, no one accuses Apple of copying the smart speaker idea as these days the question is more, “when are we going to see Apple’s ‘response’ to the smart speaker” I.e. the question is now, “when is Apple going to copy the idea” rather than “can you believe Apple copied that idea!” I’m all for it as competion is good. My point was I was surprised the article called it a “rip-off” in this day and age when it’s not only common, but expected.

  • Tim

    I agree!

  • jamie aa

    Xiaomi is the first company to release a bezel less flagship. “Copycat”? Do your fucking research

  • jamie aa

    How about Xiaomi releasing the first bezel less flagship years ago, and the companie that followed them? “There is a difference between blatant rip off” yes indeed, and it’s the other way around.