Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra Responds to Apple Copycat Accusations in New Interview



In an interview with Bloomberg, Xiaomi vice president and former Google executive Hugo Barra spoke out in defence against copycat accusations that have been placed against the company.

According to Barra, all of the copycat accusations came from a single iPhone5-style chamfered edge on a Xiaomi device. He went on to say that the accusations were the result of a bias against Chinese companies.

“Yes, it does look like an iPhone 5 and that chamfered edge, by the way, is present in so many other devices… People couldn’t bring themselves to believe a Chinese company actually could be a world innovator, could build amazingly high-quality products.”

Barra was asked if the recent Mi Note looks like an iPhone 6 Plus. He proceeded to laugh it off and said “it’s white like an iPhone 6 Plus.” He said the accusations of copying weren’t fair because every smartphone looks like every other smartphone on the market.

Over the past four years, Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has managed to become the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturers, competing with companies like Apple, LG, and Samsung.

Xiaomi’s latest smartphones are the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, designed to compete with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


  • it really is shameful, the lack of knowledge of people and modern tech these days. During my Android blogging carrier I’ve had around 30 different android phones pass through my hands, many times I was greeted with, “Is that the new iPhone?” Even multiple smartwatches before the Apple Watch even existed, many of my co-workers asked if my Android watches were the new iWatch lol

    Everything is Apple these days, and if it’s different in any way, they copied Apple some how 😛

  • This former Google exec knows exactly what he’s saying everytime to get headlines. Works great for Xiaomi.

  • alphs22

    Xiaomi has been shamelessly copying Apple the last few years, down to the shape and feel of the products, colour selection, website, keynote delivery, etc. It’s a shame people continue to support and defend them.

    Hugo went from one of the most respected figures in the industry to a joke.