You Will Not Be Receiving A Free Lightning Adapter With Your iPhone 5


If you had the pleasure of pre-ordering your iPhone 5 early this morning, you may have read that Apple would be including a Lightning to 30-pin adapter inside the box. Turns out, this was all a mistake on Apple’s part and you will not be receiving a free adapter. Since earlier this morning Apple has removed the message from their iPhone 5 pre-order page.

The Next Web has already spoken with an Apple representative and they confirmed that this was all a mistake by Apple. You can read the full dialog of the chat below:

This sure is a disappointment and we’re unsure if Apple has plans to grant customers who were presented this message a free adapter. I wouldn’t have very high hopes though, Apple’s iPhone 5 is probably all boxed up and preparing mass-shipments for the official release next Friday.

Stated on Apple’s pre-order page currently is that the iPhone box includes the iPhone 5, Earpods, USB cable, power adapter, and additional documents.

Instead, when purchasing the iPhone 5 you now have the chance to purchase the 30-pin adapter for an additional $35. Oh, and if you already purchased the iPhone 5, you will have to wait until October to purchase the adapter seperatley, according to Apple’s website.


  • Networx

    Apple doesn’t make me mad very often, but this is one of those times. Put the bloody adapter in the box. Most of us buying the phone are upgrading and not new customers.

  • I wil just wait for Chinese to start selling the cable on eBay. Adapter is bulky.

  • FragilityG4

    Agreed, especially since it costs $35!

  • Especially since we can’t even get one until October! I’ll have to keep using my iPhone 4 in my docking stations it seems =.= Stupid strategy to use if you’re not even ready to sell the adaptors on Day one!

  • K3

    So the adapter for the old sync cable will not be included but the new sync cable will be?

  • FragilityG4

    Yeah I guess I’ll have to Bluetooth stream my music in my car for now.

  • yearoftherat


  • beavisaur

    it still says “Additional Lightning to USB CableYour iPhone includes a Lightning to USB cable. Purchase this additional cable to charging and syncing your iPhone with your Mac or Windows PC.

  • swotam

    The Lightning to USB cable that comes in the box (to replace the old 30-pin to USB cable) is not the same as the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter that the article refers to. The phone comes with a cable, but it won’t come with an adapter for older 30-pin devices.

  • Ugh, $35 for that adapter is grossly overpriced and to be honest I find the price insulting! Most iOS device users will want to continue to use their previous accessories, the adapter should be included free. Heck, $10 would be more than reasonable in my opinion, I would gladly pay Apple $10 for that adapter. Looks like I’ll be buying mine from ebay.

    I love the new smaller connector, but I hate the name, I just don’t understand why it’s called Lightning. To me, the name implies that it is “lightning fast” and supports a faster data transfer than the previous dock connector, but it’s just USB 2.0, if it was USB 3.0 I would totally understand the name change. Why not just call it “the new dock connector”? 😛

  • xxxJDxxx

    Frustrating as it clearly stated it came with one. They should include it free for those who got the message that it would be included free. Otherwise I would have ordered one with my phone…

  • You think for us Canadians who pay $699 for the unlocked iPhone it would be included

  • So much whining! Suck it up people! It’s the price you pay for owning such awesome technology!!

  • bill

    your a dumbass no offence

  • LOL! None taken! I just don’t let the small stuff bug me! 🙂 Life is too precious and short!