Help Keep Xmarks Alive: Sign the Pledge and Spread the Word!


We recently wrote about how Xmarks is closing shop, and with it along with their iPhone app. If you’re not familiar with Xmarks, it’s a free solution to sync bookmarks across all your browsers on your PC/Mac. It’s an amazing service and right now Xmarks needs your help to continue on.

They have created an XmarksPremium Pledge where they are asking for a verbal commitment from people who are willing to pay $10-20/year for Xmarks Sync. I love Xmarks and I’ll be sad to see them go under. So if you’re a current user and would like to support them, I implore you to sign the pledge and tell your friends!

They need 100,000 pledges by October 15th, 2010. Currently they are at 30,520. Click below to make your pledge!

‘I will commit to $10 – $20 per year for Xmarks Sync’ – PledgeBank:


  • Rocko

    I’m sorry, maybe I’m missing something but how is this worth $10-$20 per year? I mean how hard is it to navigate to a site, and click add to bookmarks?

    What else does this app offer?
    $10-$20 to save me an hour of time seems a bit much.

  • Anonymous

    I never really got the whole Xmarks thing…. I guess its because I don’t have a lot of bookmarks to keep track of…..

  • For people who have lots of bookmarks and want them synced/saved to the cloud and available on all browsers this is an amazing service. There’s nothing out there that compares and is free.

    Time is money and it seems you have more time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Guest

    This is so stupid. If the product is useful, priced appropriately, and well made then the market will support it. If not then who cares? Pledges to support a dying company? What’s next? A telethon?

  • They have been operating as a free service for the past couple of years. They’ve grown too big on the free model. I think up next is a telethon, hosted by you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Jerry Lewis will host it

  • haha!

  • Sorry to say but I have no sympathy for this company. Its their fault for giving away the product for free. If its good people would have payed for it.

  • people would have complained if it was a paid app
    you lose no matter the side of the coin lol

  • A “pledge” doesn’t mean much – if 10% of the people that “Pledge” to donate actually put up money after the fact I’d be surprised. I suspect in 6 months we’re going to be reading about the demise of Xmarks regardless as a result of only a tiny fraction of their pledges actually showing up with money.

    Sad, but true – everybody wants everything for free now.

    Sadly, Another Mac sync service I use routinely (Fruux) is also on the ropes right now..but hopefully they can successfully monetize their service BEFORE they end up on the ropes, not the other way around.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you Gary..not taking any shit from these trolls ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • What can I say, I’m here to keep them company when they’re feeling lonely!

  • Steve Lam

    You clearly do not understand what this is so why bother posting about it except to show how much you don’t know!?