Amazing Aquarium Clock for iPhone + Giveaway


Amazing Aquarium Clock is a simple and very tranquil clock app. The app is essentially a clock with an animated wallpaper.

The app includes five different coral reef wallpapers that are very colorful and very tranquil. Each wallpaper includes the specific attributes of a coral reef, which makes the app great because the image does not look fake or poorly made.

While the background image is not entirely animated, the image does have tropical fish swimming in the reef and little bubbles floating around. The fish slowly swim around from left to right and right to left across the iPhone display.

Along the top center of the background is a clock, showing the current time and date. Swiping left or right on the background will swap through the other coral reef backgrounds and users can hide the clock by tapping on it and just watch the coral reef and fish.

In the Info section within the app, the time can be changed to be either 12 or 24-hour format.

The app is ideal for a desktop environment, as the clock does not disappear until the user closes the app. In other words, the app with your iPhone, and a dock, make a great desktop clock!

The developer has an entire series of these animated background clock apps, but the Aquarium one is definitely the more tranquil among the group.

Amazing Aquarium Clock is available in the App Store for $0.99.


If you want to have Amazing Aquarium Clock, I have FOUR copies to give away to readers!

To win, tell me how you would use Amazing Aquarium Clock!

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends May 23, 2010 at 1:30AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.


  • Half_Pint

    Ooooo! My niece would be totally blown away by this. Hopefully she won't try to introduce them to my REAL fish.

  • Philippe Mercure

    Oh my god, I was just looking for
    this two days ago, I just got in my new appartement and I don't have any alarm clock, it would be so nice two have this has a clock, anyway nice job with the website.

  • Bjenk Ellefsen

    This is really cool. For some reason, I love this! I would use it with my Sony CMT-BX20.

  • IcemanYVR

    This is cool… as the iPhone is simply one of the best babysitters on the planet, I would let my son play with the different reefs and enjoy watching the fish “swimming in the iPhone”

  • juleehen

    It would look great at work ! A cool office clock 😀

  • I have a cat and it would be great to keep her occupied!

  • iVictoria

    Amazing Aquarium Clock would come in very useful in my house as my twin girls want gold fish but would be incapable of feeding, cleaning and other necessary maintenance – enter Amazing Aquarium Clock. The girls can add different species of fish each week and watch them in awe and wonder without my having to worry about maintenance. And, to boot, the girls would know exactly when it is time to go to bed. I love it!

  • Wally

    Substitute for outdoor pond.

  • Azim

    I would love to have one. It would be awesome to sit and watch such beautiful nature – calm and relaxing.

  • ribby

    I would have this cool Aquarium clock running on my iPhone 3GS full time sitting on my desk. Don't need to carry the 3GS anymore as the new iPhone is around the corner.

  • Zippo

    I would love to have this. Please :3

  • Fritz

    I have a very nice Sony clock radio with an iPod dock that actually works with my 1st gen Touch. I also have much trouble sleeping so this would be very pleasant for me.

  • Fred

    My wife and I travel quite a bit in our RV, and this would be a very nice addition as a rv bedroom clock.

  • mackman6151

    i would keep it docked on an alarm clock to give it a cool look…..also, itll be fun to leave where my bird can't reach to annoy him 😛

  • test name


  • Ryan

    I would definitely use this on my nightstand as I can't see my alarm clock across the room without my glasses – my iPhones always by my side though!

  • Diafano

    I would use it to relax.

  • Cman

    I would use it as a clock with an animated wallpaper.

  • Winners:

    – Half_Pint
    – juleehen
    – ribby
    – Fred

  • Craig Chomistek

    I would use this Aqaurium Clock as a background as I am opening up a saltwater fish store in Lethbridge Alberta and would love to have it as my background for inspiration that what I am doing is awesome!!

  • Robin Lanigan

    Working in an office environment with no windows I can never tell the time
    of day by the sunlight or sunset and the unchangeable presets on the office pcs have them timing out to screensaver quickly, which hides the date/time in the toolbar. So….I always use my phone for the time….and oh how this app would be perfect! For a fella with no daylight, a coral reef sounds awesome!

  • Maverick

    Baby girl likes to watch the fishes in the tank all day long. Now she can always enjoy it with daddy's iPhone also.


  • Maverick

    Baby girl likes to watch the fishes in the tank all day long. Now she can always enjoy it with daddy's iPhone also.