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I have always wanted my Gmail accounts to have push email like Yahoo and MobileMe accounts do, but still to this very day, Google has yet to make it happen. Well, this provides opportunities for iPhone app developers to step up and make a solution and that is exactly what the app G-Push Mail does; a solution for push email for your Gmail account.

G-Push Mail by Jonathan D.

G-Push Mail brings the much wanted push email ability to your iPhone and your Gmail account. As mentioned earlier, Google has yet to make this happen, so I am happy to see that developers take it upon themselves and make a solution.

Setup & Options

G-Push Mail works exactly as you would expect any push email notification service to work. As soon as an email arrives in your Gmail inbox, it is immediately pushed to your iPhone. When it arrives on your device, a notification sound is played and a visual badge is put on top of the app icon (just like your normal Mail app function). You also have a lot more control over the notifications options with G-Push Mail as compared to the stock Mail app. Such options include being able to choose from a variety of mail notification sounds and toggling the badge on or off.

Getting your Gmail account set up is very quick and only requires that you enter your Gmail user name and password that you normally use for your Gmail account. Your credentials are encrypted on secure servers and hosted on Amazon’s Cloud platform and of course, your account information is never disclosed to anyone.

G-Push Mail2G-Push Mail4G-Push Mail5G-Push Mail7


Once you are done with setup, the app uses the native Gmail interface that you would normally find when using Safari to log in to your Gmail account. You use this interface to both send and receive your emails and you can view the interface in either the mobile mode or desktop mode right from within the app. In other words, you do not use the stock iPhone Mail app at all.

You may be wondering what makes G-Push Mail different from other push email services and that is that G-Push Mail does not forward your email. Instead, the app allows you to view the email in the native Gmail interface as discussed earlier. So if you check your email from another computer or device, any changes that you have made are reflected in all areas of your Gmail account. G-Push Mail also allows you to use Gmail’s native search functionality right on your iPhone!

G-Push Mail3

Subscription Service

G-Push Mail is a subscription service and I will explain how that works.

When you purchase the app initially for $1.99 (intro price; going to $2.99 after), you get the app and one three months of free service. Afterward, it is $1.99 for every three months via in-app purchase. So a typical 12-month subscription would cost you about $8.00 USD.

Normally I would scoff at having to pay for something that should be free, but really, it is Google I should be scoffing at. When you put it in perspective though, $8.00 a year is a small price to ask (one day this year, don’t go to Starbucks and there is your yearly subscription paid for). By charging a small subscription fee, the developer can guarantee sustainability of service into the future, so if anything, that is always a good thing.

G-Push Mail6


Overall, G-Push Mail is a great app that is very easy to use and provides, for a small fee, a service that is extremely useful (and by all means should be free from Google). But since Google does not have this functionality yet, this app is the next best thing. However, two things irk me about the app.

First, you have to use a separate icon and it is not integrated into the actual mail app, of which I have become very used to and prefer very much. But again, this is a limitation of Google and not specifically G-Push Mail. However, while the native Gmail interface is good, I would have preferred the stock iPhone Mail app interface better (or something similar to), but I believe Apple would bring the hammer down if that was the case. I just do not like using multiple apps to check my email, which brings me to issue number two.

G-Push Mail

The app only has support for one Gmail account at this time. In other words, if you have multiple Gmail accounts, you can only register one of them and then forward the mail of your other accounts to the registered Gmail account that now has push support. There is almost certainly an update coming that will add multiple account support, however I can see a separate service fee for each account, which I am not a fan of.

But, as a little insider info, the developer is tinkering with the idea of lowering the price of subscription or offering more months for the same subscription price. In other words, as the app builds up a larger installed base, you can definitely expect more value coming down the road. Stay tuned.

G-Push Mail1

Aside from the minor issues though, G-Push Mail provides a valuable service at a very affordable rate.

G-Push Mail is scored a 4.5 out of 5.

G-Push Mail is available on the iTunes App Store for $1.99 (intro price) and then eventually $2.99.

G-Push Mail Contest!

I am going to giveaway one (1) copy of G-Push Mail. To win, simply comment below on the following:

What are the benefits of Push Email to you?


Winners are chosen at random; Contest ends August 31, 2009 at 11:59PM PST. Contest open to Canada/USA residents only.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the comment entry form or I cannot contact you!

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  • Dusty

    Gmail is awesome! and I am like u and money others, that are waiting for Gmail to actually be integrated with push and not having to use 3rd party apps.
    G-Mail Push looks great and well unfortunately there is a subscription fee which is not to bad in cost.
    I am curretly using GPush and it seems to work good. Yes its another icon on the springboard, but for ppl that don't enjoy paying for another monthly fee on there other bills, its free!

    One of these days lets hope Gmail integrates push! 🙂

  • atomicz

    Gmail is preferred email and the iPhone is my preferred smartphone. Not having push email from gmail really sucks and my berry friends call it on me every time. This would solve that problem.

  • itsikromano

    Honestley, all you have to do is CC your gmail to your mobile me and you get the notification right away. I have gmail on the iPhone as well, so when an email is push I get the notification from mobile me, the I open my mail app and as a default I have my gmail open and as soon as I open it it download the email and I can reply right away. I hardly use my mobile me and once every month I just delete all emails to clean it up….. Not a big deal really just use mobile mr as a tool to push, the same I do with my work email….

  • Corvillus

    Google actually does have an exchange server now, so you can set up push mail, contacts and calendars that way. But that works only if you have no other exchange servers set up on the iPhone as it only allows 1.

    For those that already have another exchange server set up, these apps are an effective, albeit kludgy solution.

  • ReyT

    I get emails from different groups – work, friends, high school and university batchmates and would like to be able to receive my emails on time and get notified by Gmail. I just wish Gmail step it up a notch by adding this service. By the way, the end date for the contest was yesterday, but your post date is today. Any chance you can fix that. Thanks! 

  • Bober

    Actually, google's activesync doesn't do email yet, so we do need other options. This looks like a decent one.

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  • tbutch

    G-Push sounds G-reat.

  • Greg

    Having realtime access to my GMail would prevent me from having to buy a Blackberry or some other push device to get my email for home and work.

  • andrewboarder

    Push email is so needed on the iPhone. It's the one main thing I miss on my Iphone that the blackberry and android phones have. A native gmail push setup would be amazing but this sounds pretty awesome too!!

  • stuhFAN

    Not everyone wants to pay for a mobile me account…

  • Our winner:

    – Greg


  • Prailor

    I have gmail pushed to my 3G ever since it came out, you can add it as a pop3

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  • Prailor

    I have gmail pushed to my 3G ever since it came out, you can add it as a pop3