Apple’s iPhone 5s Case Review



When Apple announced the iPhone 5s, it also unveiled a new leather case for the phone and the iPhone 5. The case comes in 6 colours – blue, yellow, black, beige, brown and red.

As you’d expect from Apple, the build quality is really nice. The leather is soft and feels really nice when you’re holding it. Of course with leather, you’re likely to see some discolouration as you use it — and the lighter the colour you choose, the more it’ll likely chose dirt, scratches and regular wear and tear.

Here’s my quick video review of the blue case that I’ve been using since September 20th.

There is a lot to like about Apple’s case for the iPhone 5/5s. The build quality, feel, and look are big pluses. However, as I mentioned in the video, I find the buttons less than responsive. I have to push the sleep/awake or volume buttons much harder than I like. They feel almost squishy. I’ll be interested to see if over time they break in more and become more responsive. If they do, I’ll be sure to provide an update.

Let me know what you think of Apple’s new leather cases and stay tuned for a review of Apple’s new case for the iPhone 5c.


  • Matthew in Toronto

    This is the truth. I bought a “tan” coloured leather version and then went to work with shoe polish and a brush.

    If you think it looked good then … you should see it now.

  • Excellent review, as always Kris!

  • Zakh

    It won’t fit into the 30 Pin To lightning adapter which for me was a big let down. So I returned it

  • DaveMa

    Never had any problem with the power button and volume control on my brown case and 5S, they’re responsive. Biggest disappointment is I can’t use my Bose headset anymore due to small opening, forced to use the EarPods.

  • Walter

    Excellent review!

  • Walter

    I wonder if I can do that with the black! Great idea!

  • CapitainHarlock

    Nice review. Will love to see the removal ;)Of iPhone from the case.

  • Lycan

    Drill it out a bit. I’ve had to mod a lot of cases to make them work my my needs.

  • Kirk

    I bought the black case for my iPhone 5 and I like the feel of the case. I haven’t had any problems with responsiveness though. It is a bit pricey for this case but quality wise it’s a nice fit and feel.. I actually might get the brown one too…

  • T33BS

    I’ve had sleep/wake button issues on my iPhone 5 for a few months having to hardly press it multiple times to actually work. This case has made it damn near impossible for the sleep/wake button to function properly. So I finally dealt with the issue that I’ve been holding off from doing for a while now; Apple is sending a replacement iPhone 5. Now how do I get this case off!?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    have the black, love it, only complaint, same as the bumper with previous phones, no worky with dock

  • CMfly

    I have the black case and have no issues with the buttons. The issue I do have is it does not work with the lightning to 30 pin adapter 🙁

  • Ethan.S

    Great review

    You guys should do more videos !!

  • Hank

    I think it is your docks that has problems, not the cases. Buy docks that can tale iPhones with bumpers or cases. Those docks where the pins are elevated rather than lying flat at the bottom.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    from HI-TECH and consumer electronic accessories to fashion industry gadgets. marc

  • I have the brown case and it is really beat up after two weeks of everyday use. The most aesthetic case I’ve purchased, but certainly far from the toughest.