Bell PVR TV Remote for iPhone Released!


For those with Bell PVRs, you will love the following iPhone app! After their release of the Cowbell app for iPhone/iPod Touch, Bell has released a PVR TV Remote iPhone app! This app will let fully control your Bell PVR, right from your iPhone!

The Bell PVR TV Remote iPhone App is FREE!

Since I don’t have a Bell PVR, I was unable to login to the app. But here are some features:

Schedule and manage your Bell TV HD PVR anytime, anywhere from your iPhone. Never miss your favorite show again.


• Easily set PVR recordings from anywhere.
• Conveniently see all recording schedules: edit or delete existing recordings
• Browse and customize program guide by preferences (language, genre, ratings etc)
• Intuitive search feature for quick access to favourite shows
• Use your iPhone as a remote control.
• Enjoy the familiar user interface of your Bell TV HDPVR on your iPhone.


• Must have either a Bell TV 9241 or 9242 HD PVR Plus receiver

The following screenshots will show you the amazing potential of this PVR iPhone app. Some early reviews have stated that the app requires you to login each time, so expect that to be fixed in the next update.

Anyone using this yet? How do you like the app so far? Shaw, Telus, and Rogers: I hope your PVR iPhone apps are being released soon!

Click here to download the Bell PVR iPhone app.

Thanks to @shaunrouse for the heads up!


  • Its a good 1.0 release, doesn't remember your login info so you have to enter it every time you launch the App, would be VERY nice if you could actually stream your recorded and live shows! Maybe someday?

  • Streaming shows would be AMAZING! However, if you really want that, you can do it with your Slingbox!

  • rorypiper

    Every cable/satelite provider should have this. I want this.

  • Lee

    Doesn't even work for me I log in and it brings up the PVR guide thing then it goes back to the sign in screen.

  • Half_Pint

    Holy crap, it finally happened!

  • BudAV

    Sorry, maybe I'm just missing it, but what is the app called in the iTunes store. Can't find it?

  • Just updated the post with the download link.

    While you're reading this, here's the link:

  • BudAV

    Awesome, thanks! Trying it out now.

  • DaMan05

    i guess i'll have to plug in that ethernet cable in the back now… NAAAAAAT! i dont need Bell knowing what I'm watching….

  • That's the same problem I have. 🙁

  • dash8311

    Hurry up Shaw!

  • JL

    doesnt allow me to log in

  • RC

    when will Shaw catch up?

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  • Johnny

    You don't need ethernet connected…remote-pvr will work anyways. Only thing that requires ethernet connection is the remote feature. And by the way, Bell cannot and do not track what you are watching just because you connect ethernet. So go for it!

  • DaMan05

    I highly doubt that Bell doesn't log what you watch. I don't mean personally, I mean anonymously. How else do you get accurate viewer ratings? Satellite TV is completely 1 way. How do they know how many people are watching a specific show if they're not anonymously tracking who's watching what? They can't just ignore the satellite TV viewers and only count the cable, antenna, and online people.
    But thanks for letting me know that the ethernet doesnt need to be connected. I'll try it out now 🙂

  • Very useful application, this feature alone shows how well iphone developers understand what iphone owners want.

  • Very useful application, this feature alone shows how well iphone developers understand what iphone owners want.

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  • Blanc A

    Ever sine I upgraded my IPhone 4 I have not been able to use the app and have not been able to get help in resolving problem.

  • Danee

    Same here. I think it must be a problem with IOS 5.

  • Anonymous

    This app is pretty crappy. I’m connected because I can set a pvr recording from my phone but when I try to do anything else it gives me a screen that says I need to be connected? I try to reset the receiver as per the instructions and nope. I called expressvu, they didn’t know such a device existed and since it used Internet I needed to talk to the Internet people. They transferred me to that depr and they wouldnt help me because I don’t get my Internet from bell and literally said sorry and hung up on me. Note, I can’t get Internet from bell because they don’t service the area I live in.

    I called back again and went through the same loop. Tv guys say it’s Internet. Internet guys say it’s not there problem.

    Typical bell shit response so I just use it to occasionally set a pvr if away from home and need to but that’s it.

    Bell is simply not a good company!