BMO Marketplace iPhone App Helps Plan Personal Finances


The last time we talked about BMO, it was the launch of their official banking app. The app was great except for one shortfall: the inability to pay bills within the app. Let’s hope a future update will bring this feature.

BMO has introduced another app in the App Store. BMO Marketplace is a personal finance app meant to help you with home ownership, retirement planning, and tapping into the BMO SmartSteps community. Within the app, you can also find ways to contact BMO, and even set for advisors to call you.

* Home Ownership – calculate your home ownerships costs as well as track and compare the homes you have visited to make your purchase decision easier.
– Calculate and explore different mortgage options in an intuitive and visual way
– Create profiles of homes you visit with photos, notes and checklists
– Compare the homes you have visited based on checklists or mortgage values. Email yourself detailed home comparisons
– Use the built-in BMO Eco Smart Mortgage Checklists to see the home may qualify for the BMO Eco Smart Mortgage
– Contact a BMO Mortgage Specialist or get started with the pre-approval process

BMO Marketplace was released in the App Store on May 2nd, but its official launch is today. You can check out a brief overview of the app below:

Let me know how you like BMO Marketplace. So far early reviews of the app have been postive. Click here to download–it’s free.


  • Rob-O80

    Not a huge fan considering the first time they launched this with just the retirement piece they got slammed for not having a banking app … well now they’ve re-released this and really without kidding anyone they still don’t have a banking app, not one that’s worth mentioning in comparison to the other banks in Canada. The one irritant of this is the link to the SmartSteps community, the site that it is framing in isn’t a mobile optimized site, kind of a major brain-cramp there. The other pieces are visually appealing, however the home oownership piece leaves a lot to be desired.