CoPilot GPS for iPhone Review


Having a turn by turn GPS on your iPhone can be a good thing. Sometimes Google Maps isn’t good enough for roadtrips and having a computerized voice berate you to “turn left, turn left’ can be somewhat enjoyable at times (depending on your mood). We’ve reviewed G-Map Canada before, but today we’re going to take a quick review at CoPilot Live for the iPhone.

CoPilot Live has the following features:

  • Full spoken turn-by-turn voice directions
  • Detailed street maps of USA and Canada stored on your iPhone
  • Clear 3D and 2D driving views with SmartZoomâ„¢ speed-variable zoom and street names
  • Navigate to a house number, street, intersection or address book contact
  • Automatic portrait and landscape display switching
  • Comprehensive multi-stop pre-trip planning and preview
  • Route optimizer works out the best way around multiple stops
  • Intelligent navigation provides guidance in tunnels and underpasses
  • Automatic day/night mode
  • Text to Speech (North America version only)
  • Navigate to thousands of Points of Interest
  • LiveLinkâ„¢ location sharing and messaging: keep track of your CoPilot friends, live on-screen!
  • Live 5 day weather forecast for your location or destination
  • Huge range of customization features to suit the way you travel
  • Customized trip status displays, including ETA, distance remaining and more
  • In-app access to iPod controls

The current version of CoPilot live includes improvements for routes and includes access to in-app purchases for live services.

CoPilot Live: Initial Tests Out of the Box

When you first launch CoPilot Live, you will notice the menus are very easy to navigate. Having tried Navigon, TomTom, and G-Map Canada, I must say I prefer the menus of CoPilot Live the best.

What I liked immediately was the clarity of the map and bold lettering, allowing you to quickly glimpse at the map while you’re driving. Also, you can choose an address straight from your contacts which is nice. Automatic portrait and landscape switching works seamlessly, and having controls of your iPod within the GPS is just awesome.

You can set CoPilot Live to display POIs (Points of Interest) right on the map. The audible turn by turn instructions were very loud and clear. I found CoPilot very easy to use as the map layout while driving is excellent. You can set a home location and add favourites.

As for driving with CoPilot Live, I had no issues with the maps around the Metro Vancouver area and even in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I know there have been issues regarding the Canadian maps online, but I have yet to experience them. I asked a rep from CoPilot live about the Canadian maps issue, and she responded that their maps are continuously being updated with each app update via iTunes.

The only issue with iPhone and its GPS is that sometimes it takes longer than usual to get an accurate signal. I found with my tests that CoPilot Live performed slightly better than G-Map Canada and TomTom. CoPilot is on sale for $19.99 till the end of December. For that price, it’s a great dedicated turn by turn GPS for your iPhone.

So let’s hope future updates will continue to improve the maps service. However, with my testing in Vancouver I haven’t had any issues at all. For those using CoPilot, how do you like it? Any issues with maps?

CoPilot Live Contest Giveaway!

Enter to win a free copy of CoPilot Live! They have graciously donated a few promo codes to give away for readers. Here are the rules:

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Good luck!


  • As a freelance Videographer, I find myself travelling all over the place for work. I usually find myself using the built in Google Maps application for directions when I am working in an unknown area. This works for me most of the time, but sometimes it has its issues. Up until now I have been reluctant in purchasing a dedicated GPS app due to the cost and would love to try out this app if given the chance.

    Also, thank you to iPhoneinCanada for putting together and maintaining such a quality blog.

  • montymon

    I'm almost constantly lost these days… figuratively and literally. At least this will take care of one of those issues! ;<}

  • thraxisp

    My wife is tired of me not asking for directions… Please save my marriage.

  • nbrunner

    CoPilot is exactly what I need. I live on Vancouver Island and have tried some of the other GPS Maps out with mixed results. This review is the most positive I have read on any of the GPS Apps so far. This will make my trips to the mainland much easier.

  • Dusty

    Sounds like a great app! Some GPS apps are just ridiculous in pricing and do not preform the best.
    I would love to get my hands on this app as I plan on doing some traveling soon and can test the app out.
    Count me in!

  • obs0lete

    Working in the tech industry I need to go to different locations on a daily basis so having this app on my phone would help me out sooo much as I don't have to constantly rely on Google Maps for directions!

  • Bill

    I've owned Co-Pilot since its first release last summer. It is far better than the GPS in my Acura or my wife's Lexus. At $19.95, you simply can't got wrong. It is worth every penny. Also, the frequent updates are good to see.

  • agarwalkk

    I should win the CoPilot as reward of being a loyal subscriber of

  • I started a small business last year as a painter and would love to use the app in and around town to get me to chiba and quotes. I'm new to the country and Winnipeg and am still getting used to where I am going. Also I can even tell my north and south… So yeah, would help alot.

    Thanks guys

  • Lbconsulting

    What's interesting here is when you go to the review section for CoPilot in ITunes several who purchased the program say don't buy it….it's not useful for Canada. I am confused on why this got a decent review on this site?

  • …And that is what I addressed the map issues clearly in this review.

    I had zero issues in Vancouver and Victoria. Others in my area will
    agree. I cannot speak for other areas of the country. But I do use
    CoPilot most of the time.

    Try the app yourself and let me know what you think.

  • Oh, I need to win this cause I'm always in the US without data and the nav app would be handy.

  • bringer666

    For that price this might be the GPS program most worth buying. I hope Google's free one come to the iPhone as well.

  • Bob

    I've owned Copilot Live since it was released in August and I read a glowing review of the UK version. I live in eastern Ontario south of Ottawa. There were some initial issues with positioning accuracy, but they've been resolved. The maps are as up to date as any others. In other words, some spots are out of date but most are fine. Plus you can report changes and they're incorporated in a month or two.

    I find Copilot easy to use and the routing has been good. The only issue I still have is that the elapsed time estimates are usually very pessimistic. We travelled from our home to Algonquin Park and the estimate was almost 9 hours. It actually took between 5 and 6. So I don't bother viewing the ETA.

    I strongly considered TomTom or Navigon since the Christmas sales are on, but after some reflection, realized that for me, Copilot Live is all I need.

    It was a good buy at $35, but it's a steal at $20 or even better for free.


  • Thanks for the review!

  • WaitingForTheRestOfCalgary

    I live in Calgary. The map is NOT complete. My own district of Lakeview is missing quite a few streets including a main street I live on. This is an older established district, not one just built. Others areas in Calgary are incomplete as well. This would be my go-to GPS app if it was complete. I wonder if you could mention this to your contact so they can update it? I have posted to their website as well. I know they are trying to fill in the gaps.

  • NoOneCares

    why should you win CoPilot Live?

    Because I'm too cheap to buy it, but would love to try it out 🙂

  • J.Stokes

    Wow, this sounds great. With all the travelling i do (In my vehicle and out of Vehicle), this would help me greatly. I've contemplated getting a GPS system in my vehicle, but had to put that off with the cost of the iphone. Something like this would solve all my problems! Thanks to iphoneincanada for giving a lucky few the chance to get a great program for free!
    keep up the good work!!
    Merry Christmas

  • pilot777

    I was terminated as a Pilot with Air Canada after 35 years because I turned 60. It would be so nice to have a Co-pilot again.

  • Ryan

    I've kind of been contemplating getting an iPhone turn-by-turn app for a while, but hadn't convinced myself to take the plunge, especially since I already have a Garmin unit. But the Garmin's resistive touchscreen and crappy software keyboard make me think it might be worth it afterall. For $20, you really can't go wrong and it'll be good to have for trips to the States where the Maps app would cost a fortune to use.

  • ReyT

    I have to win CoPilot Live as I travel a lot within Canada and the awesome features will make travelling less stressful and more enjoyable! Besides, my standalone GPS is already old and wants to retire.

    A blessed Christmas to everyone @ iPhoneinCanada!

  • Dayna

    I just got my iPhone 3GS and would love to add a gps app to my rapidly growing list of apps! I've already learned tons from your site, it's the best!! Thanks a lot, and merry Xmas everyone!

  • Jezebel

    My new iphone sits in my husband's dresser until Christmas morning. So, I'm browsing this site to get a list of apps to download and this one is perfect!

  • ericnotthered

    I've had this app for several months. The problem with the maps is that there are MANY missing addresses. The roads are there, but the street numbers are not found. In many cases, the closest street number it finds may be blocks away. Anecdotally, I've found that at least a third of the addresses that I've looked for in areas like Surrey and Richmond are missing. Most of these are buildings that are not “new”, i.e., they may be 5-30 years old. It is very strange, since they use Navteq maps; I've got the Navteq 2005 maps in my car gps and these same addresses are found. I suspect that CoPilot bought a “sparse” version of the Canadian address database. I have seen no noticabe improvement in the database in the time I've owned it.

    Navigation can be poor around bridges. It tends to think that roads that pass under a bridge can be turned onto, even when there isn't an exit. It planned a trip for me that went off the middle of the Granville Street Bridge in Vancouver onto a street far below on Granville Island.

    The program integrates with your contacts, but has huge trouble handling most addresses. It gets confused on street abbreviations like “Dr” and many others. If it can't parse the address, it often simply gives you a blank line with no explanation.

    Further, it can't handle apartment numbers: for an address like “412 – 6641 Granville St”, it thinks the street address is “412” and the street name is “- 6641”.

    Overall, I would recommend the program if the maps were better. However, since the main purpose of a gps is to take you somewhere you haven't been, it's not very usefule if the address isn't on the map. I'd look elsewhere.

  • Fraser

    I often have to drive to the airport in a hurry because there is some foreign meat that I need to inspect or muddy shoes that I need to clean. Sometimes I forget that way!! Would this help….ya!!!

    PS. Great blog.

  • Why shouldn't anyone be able to win it?
    Would be amazing for my vehicle since I have not bought a Tomtom

  • vman1964

    I would love to win a copy of Copilot as I am always travelling to NJ USA with my wife and she is always asking me to stop for directions which loses time. This will eliminate that and get me there quicker!

  • CarlosMesser

    Lacking direction in life, CoPilot may give me a reason to live.

  • chrisk03

    Being the Christmas season, I was looking to buy my GF a GPS, given that she travels with work. Unfortunately, I've lost my job recently, so i'll have to give her a gift in January or February when I can get myself back on my feet. She has an iphone, and I think this would be a perfect way to get her turn by turn GPS without having to spring for a full GPS. Please consider me for the contest, and Merry Christmas.

  • Networx

    I need a great wingman, I mean co-pilot as I'm severely directionally challenged. I need a firm voice to guide me to my destination and back home again. You might be saving my life with a free copy of Co-Pilot. Honestly, I'm lucky I found my way to this webpage. Please help.

  • obs0lete

    So…who won?

  • Winners!

    – J.Stokes
    – Dayna
    – chrisk03
    – Fraser

    Check your emails! Congrats!

  • Winners!

    – J.Stokes
    – Dayna
    – chrisk03
    – Fraser

    Check your emails! Congrats!

  • Unimpressed

    I have found that the canadian maps are wildly inaccurate.  I was unable to find some addresses in Red Deer Alberta that existed 7 years ago, and have found that there is a street in my neighborhood showing that hasn’t been built yet.  Also while driving to work (a 12 minute drive) I find that according to the map I am spending about 5 minutes of that time underwater.

  • Unimpressed

    I have found that the canadian maps are wildly inaccurate.  I was unable to find some addresses in Red Deer Alberta that existed 7 years ago, and have found that there is a street in my neighborhood showing that hasn’t been built yet.  Also while driving to work (a 12 minute drive) I find that according to the map I am spending about 5 minutes of that time underwater.