Download Meter For WiFi, 3G, EDGE for iPhone + Giveaway


If you have a data plan with your iPhone, it is always a good idea to keep track of your monthly data usage. A new app, Download Meter, will do just that. However it will also track your WiFi usage.

Download Meter For WiFi, 3G, EDGE by HedonicSoft

Download Meter, as the title implies, tracks all types of data from an iPhone, such as WiFi, 3G, EDGE, and even GPRS. The app is a great way to control your monthly data usage, especially if you have a small data plan from your wireless carrier.

Data Estimates

However, not only does the app track your wireless data usage, but users can further estimate their data needs with the app and then provide an estimate for the expenses.

The estimates feature also allows users to define a monthly traffic limit. For example, if users have 500MB of data from their carrier, users can define 500MB for their monthly data limit. From a defined data limit, the app will compute how much data was used and how much data is remaining for the month.

Define Data Usage

Users can further have the app define a daily limit of data, which shows users how much data they can use per day as per their given data plan amount. When users are within their data limit, the numbers are green. If users exceed the data limit, red numbers are present.

Every morning at 7AM the app automatically resets the data traffic used from the previous day. For monthly traffic, that data resets on the day in which users define as being the first day of the next month. In other words, for the monthly resets, users can simply define the beginning of a month to be their wireless carrier billing cycle.

Data Counters

Download Meter also features individual data counters which are used to define data usage from specific scenarios. For example, users can have data counters for YouTube data used, data used while at home, while at work, and so on.

Since the app tracks data usage on the device, the app will work in the absence of an Internet connection altogether and works in Airplane mode as well. The app has no association with the wireless carrier, so checking your data usage actually costs users nothing, as the web need not be accessed.

This can be contrasted against the Rogers/Fido applications which require users to be on a 3G connection, using data, to check their account usage.


When starting the app for the first time, users are greeted with a great introductory tutorial which goes over the different areas and toggles in the app. On subsequent app access, the tutorial can be launched from the settings app on the iPhone.

Download Meter for WiFi, 3G, EGDE is available in the App Store for $1.99.


If you want to try Download Meter, I have SIX copies to give away to readers!

To win, tell me how the app will benefit you!

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends May 21, 2010 at 1:30AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.


  • Half_Pint

    Sweet, this is exactly what I need! I'm a new iPhone owner and this will help me gauge if 500MB is going to be enough for my monthly needs. I'm still surfing conservatively because I'm afraid of brutal data over-limit surcharges! Stupid byte nazis.


  • greg

    I'm a data fiend so seeing and controlling my data usage will helo me understand what I can and cannot live with and help me determine what to get for my family data plans

  • Aslam

    This one will help me figure out how much of my data plan was eaten up by the last Stanley Cup Playoff game I watched through the CBC Hockey Night in Canada app.

  • Patt

    This app would be awesome for me, being new to iPhone and having a small data package. I am constantly checking my usage and calculating …. My WiFi at home is a bit sketchy, so this app would help me evaluate if I could use the 3G at home some of the time. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • dudemaster

    I would make good use of this app because I go to the US and use the Dodgers $1/MB add-on to my 6GB plan. I would be better able to manage how much I end up owing them!!

  • Andre

    That would be helpful for me for my daughter's iPhone as I pay for her plan!

  • Myodie

    I could really use that. I love to know exactly what I'm doing and this fits the bill perfectly.

  • montymon

    I'd put it on my wife's iPhone, she refuses to pay for a decent data plan and constantly goes over, costing more than if she just bought a better plan!

  • rob

    I'm on Bell and they don't have a metering app like Rogers does. Very handy app

  • Leet

    I think if i had this app I would not go over on my data plan, the fido app is great but the statistics are never updated till like 2 days later. I think I would beefit a lot from this app because it would save me over $50 a year

  • I would definitely use this app to keep track of my usage to make sure I didn't go over my data cap. Although it is large, I tend to find I'm using more data-intensive programs and therefore would want to see what my limit really is instead of just guessing.

  • Wayne

    This app would help a lot as me and my wife share a plan, so it would be good to no who has used what, as we have ended up going over our limit several times recently with regards to data

  • wongnog

    I've been waiting for an app that gives me daily data usage allowance statistics since I only have a 500mb data plan on rogers. I've been using the app Consume and suggested to them some of these features but never got a response back. This app sounds perfect for me and I'd love to win a copy! :):)

  • Even though Fido has a dedicated app for measuring data, it's not as detailed or precise as this app appears to be. Given that my data plan is my only internet source as I have opted not to get a traditional cable or dsl line, I feel it's important to keep track of how much I am using. I have already gone over my data plan a few times and it's a huge pinch on the bill. This app would help keep me in line!

  • Greg Lypowy

    Our company has just changed cell phone providers, and many of us went with a new iPhone in place of a Blackberry. We have all been wondering how we can keep track of our monthly data usage (if we exceed 500MB then we pay the overage fees!). 🙁

    I was asked the other day by one of our partners whether there was an app which could track 3G _and_WiFi usage. If I got a copy of this app, I could evaluate it for potential purchase by all of our iPhone-toting staff.


  • Perry Young

    This should help manage data roaming charges when travelling to the US which I do frequently.

  • Wally

    It will make me brave enough to track my addiction.

  • Scott

    MY wife would love to be able to see just how much time/money/data my little addiction is using.

  • iFun

    This app would be great for determining data needs for different places and situations. I would use it to help me manage my downloading through out the month.

  • I don't know that I see the point.. if you're a Rogers customer (which most Canadian iPhone users are) there is My Account.. and if you're not, there is the useage menu in settings..

  • however, if you want to make me shut up.. hook me up with a freebie, and I'll see the difference..

  • johnkneematrix

    It means the app must be constantly running the in background. Does anyone know how much memory it uses to do so? No need to put me in the giveaway. I am just curious.

  • vman1964

    I could use this app as I only have 500 mb on my data plan and this would help monitor it.

  • Joker Eh

    You are exactly right. Another useless app when there is already one available for free.

  • roadcarver

    To be honest, it will not help me cause I'm with Rogers and have the 6GB plan and the MyRogers app will suffice. Thanks for letting us know of this app though.

    I guess I won't be part of the free raffle LOL :p

  • Sylanel

    I would not only love but depend on Download meter as I am a power user with my iPhone which as also become one of my main work tools. Thing is that data is either expensive when using 3G or limited and tightly monitored when using WIFI.

    Where it would shine for me though is when I build networks for work and need to monitor the data usage for various tasks. Having a mobile tool like this would be amazing!

  • Jill


    I'm a complete iPhone newby and would really benefit from this app, as I'm just getting the hang of everything and I find it difficult to learn it all plus keep track of my usage (500mb). I'm afraid I might use too much and this would really help me learn how much data I need and prevent me from incurring extra charges!

  • Max Audet

    I totally need this app since … hum… it looks SOOO cool !!

  • Robert

    Oh yeah, this app would help me see if I need to increase my data plan and let me see how much is used by the kids with youtube!

  • Momin

    be cool to have it.

  • Patrick

    Only 3 days ago I negotiated with the “Loyalty Department” to add a data plan to my current talk and text plan. I flat out REFUSED to pay more than $50/mo. and they finally acquiesced and sold me the 500MB data plan. I've had a 3GS for just under a year, but have never had data until now, and I'm thrilled. This new app is exactly what I'm looking for, and the timing of it is absolutely perfect for me. Would love to win the free app (I would rather die than pay Fido one cent more due to overage fees – well, not really, but you know what I mean).

  • dale

    Download Meter will cause me less stress, thereby contributing to world peace in a small way.

  • ahunt416

    I would be able to make great use of this app because at my office the WIFI is constantly dropping out and my iPhone switches to 3GS without me noticing it, and I ultimately end up hitting my data limit without realizing it. This app sounds like a great tool for keeping a handle on those little bits and bytes that sneak up on you!

    Please enter me in the contest.

  • Marty

    I could keep track of my Debbie Gibson streaming way more accurately with this!

  • Garry

    I could definatley use this app for better tracking of where I am using all my data.

  • Mr. Speedy

    With summer around the corner, I will use much more data when at the summer place. This app will let me have a better picture of my data usage.

  • wongnog

    BTW, if I'm replying using the Disqus login which is linked to my facebook account, is that sufficient for the contest rule “Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!”? I'm not sure which email entry field Mr. Ex is referring to. I see an email field for signing up for the newsletter, is that the one??? Just don't want to miss out on my potential to win a copy of this great app. 😉

  • Big Ryan

    Save me from spending even more money on my wireless bill

  • ReyT

    I have a 6GB data plan, but the wife only has 500MB (also under my account). 'Would be nice to have Download Meter to know how much more data she'll need to top up the current plan. She likes going to youtube and stream music and videos to her 3GS. Thanks a bunch!

  • LB

    Sadly I'm new to the iphone, hopeless with technology, and anal retentive. The app will help me deal with all three!

  • Darryl

    This app would save me a lot of hassles. I have a hard time keeping my usage below 500mb sadly. It ends up costing me a lot.

  • Tom Maler

    The Download meter will benefit me immensely when I am roaming on another network, either in the US or overseas. When the data is charged by the kb, knowing how much you are using will spare me very unpleasant surprises.

  • I'm about to rip into Telus for sending me a text message saying I have used 95% of my data allowance (500MB) when the iPhone data tracking only says 350MB. It would be nice to have a 3rd opinion to help identify who is right.

  • Jon

    OH MAN, DO I EVER NEED THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since getting my iPhone, I have been struggling to keep under my monthly data usage limit. This app would benefit me greatly as I am on the road a lot and use my iPhone more than my computer to send/recieve emails and access the internet. By setting up different data counters, I would be able to better see where I am using up my data plan, curb my usage in those areas that are less important and stay within my monthly data plan usage.

  • JonnyGerman

    This app could save me thousands of dollars!

  • Ron Dionisi

    Since WiFi does not count against my data plan, it will be really helpful to keep my data useage charges in check.

  • Paulitos

    This app would be super sweet!!! It would benifit me because…ahhh…I never win anything!!!!!

  • Sean

    I would love this app, I have 2 iphones and always trying to keep my data down 🙂

  • Sean

    Download Meter would be perfect for a person who uses voip a lot like myself. I find myself worried that I will be just pushing the limit on my 500mb per month. Download Meter would help me keep track of how much data my calls use and relieve some stress.

  • Edge

    This app would be sweet. I don't have unlimited, and trying to figure out if I should go with 500 megs or 1 gig, and then how to stay within that. I love the daily average part!

  • mackman6151

    even though you can track data usage via settings, this would be nice to split up the usage stats.

  • Tomsiphone

    This app would benefit me immensely as I am working/living in Eastern Europe. The data rates over here are unreal and I am always “guessing” how much I have used and how much I have left. If I had some clear and real-time indication of my usage, I would be a happy Canuck in a far-off land 😉

  • Sounds like a great app. I use pay as you go data when I am in the us, so it would be really helpful to be able to track how much I have left. Thanks,

  • sally

    This app will benifit me as I am a 40's something technically challenged individual that is really trying hard not to go over her data plan but it is so easy to pick it up and start farting around with it…LOL

  • victor

    Hi! I only have 250mb on my plan and this tool will benefit me to aid on my data habits. it will be very handy so I can adjust my usage. And I will also make a nice 5* review. Thank you

  • wongnog

    Now that the contest is over, will the winners be announced here? Anxious to know cause if I didn't win then I'll go buy the app right away. :):)

  • Winners:

    – Patt
    – Rob
    – Scott
    – Jill
    – ahunt416
    – Tomsiphone

  • Tomsiphone

    Thanks Mr. Ex! I installed it and it works great! Great site.

  • Tomsiphone

    Thanks Mr. Ex! I installed it and it works great! Great site.

  • Mesut