Facebook iPhone App Now Shows “People You May Know” in Newsfeed


Facebook for iPhone users recently through a couple changes. First, their mobile site was unified, and secondly, the facebook iPhone app started to retrieve its newsfeed from the mobile site (allowing for new like/comment icons). This allows for the app to now receive new features and fixes without releasing an update to the app.

The latest change, is the addition of a “People You May Know” bar along the top of the newsfeed (which desktop users are used to seeing on the sidebar) to suggest friends. Check it out below:

You will either love this or hate, as it takes up valuable screen real estate from the news feed. As of now, it does not appear it can be eliminated as the main feed is taken from

I haven’t seen this change yet, as it appears to be rolling out slowly. Has it appeared for you?

Thanks to @teal604 for the screenshot!


  • Iamsavic

    I fricken hate it!!

  • Cjlee9

    Brutal..I hate it too !!!

  • I’ve got it, and I can’t stand it. It’s worse than Twitter’s Dickbar.

  • Guest

    It is awful … I hate it.

  • Make it go away!

  • Vivian Au Hockey

    I hate it. Thinking about deleting this app altogether if all this BS keeps up.

  • mastamind

    Going backwards in development instead of forward – it disappears as soon as you scroll down, but still annoying to no end…

  • iamlynda

    I hate it. why do they continue to “update” with such crap instead of what we actually want? they sure don’t listen to people commenting/complaining on their help site.

  • Pom

    Square crap by 100 ! Who did they consult to come up with so bad ideas ??? I’m going on the mobile site instead of their freaking app … FB do something !!!

  • Anonymous

    Great. Facebook gets a dickbar.

  • Frustrated

    HATE it…. If I wanted to add more friends, I’d SEARCH for them…. Piece of Junk!

  • Tbonehunter

    If it stays there, my phone loses the app.

  • Qqzz

    Yup.  I just got my first iphone and installed the facebook app. Unfortunately my “people you may know” panel was larger than the one in the above pic. It literally left me with only half the screen. As soon as I found out I couldn’t deactivate it I ditched the app.  It made the app totally unusable  IMO.

  • Bubba Lewis

    The people you may know sucks.  Takes up 1/3 of my screen on iphone.   Facebook is going downhill.  Funny, they think they are adding features people want.  Everyone I know is cussing this one.  Facebook will be replaced by some other company.   Guaranteed !!!

  • Jenny1975

    Haven’t seen it on my iphone 4, but my husbands Android has it. I’d actually like to see it already!!