Feeling Nostalgic for 1989? Play Tetris on the iPhone


Boys and girls, get ready for a trip back in time! Yes, there is an app for that too.

We are traveling to the year 1989, when life was about recesses, playground games, and cartoons.

Do you remember when you were young and played a fun yet simple game called Tetris? Well, it’s back and on the iPhone; and it’s still as fun and addictive as ever.

EA’s Tetris is like the game we all remember, just better. It comes with better graphics, improved features and an easy to use interface.

The game has two main game modes marathon and magic. Marathon is like the original mode; you pick a skill level and start playing. Magic is a mode that is objective based. Players are required to clear a certain amount of lines in a round.

In Magic, players also get to use items that include the Minimizer, Bubble Wrap, Magic Crayon, Wreaking Ball and Smashdown.

Minimizer lets you pinch a falling block to shrink it down making it easier to place Minos.

Bubble Wrap turns locked down blocks into bubble wrap that you can poke and pop.

Magic Crayon lets you replace and following block with another one, simply by drawing it.

Wrecking Ball turns the falling blocks into four iron balls; shake them to make more space.

Smashdown unglues locked-down blocks and lets Minos cascade freely, clearing lines. Shake your phone – shift your luck.

Two things I love love about this version of Tetris is the fact there are what I call shadow blocks which show you where and how the falling blocks will be placed. The other thing I love is that Tetris allows you to input your iTunes music so you can listen to all your favorites while playing.

Tetris is one of my favorite games on the iPhone 4 and I will be spending countless hours playing it!

So, did you enjoy this travel in time to recover one of the classic favourite games and bring it back to the iPhone era?


  • ML

    This is the first game that I installed on iPhone 3G, 2+ years ago. Well done reviewing one of the oldest games available.

  • Mostro Xrz

    i just got the iPad version of this, Tetris is my favorite game

  • Uofchris

    Article should be titled “feeling nostalgic for 2008″… when this title was released. Way to keep current!

    Hey, I also hear Apple came out with a Texas Hold ‘Em game.

  • Lol

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be my next app download. Thanks for the review.

  • ML

    Well, the blog “hired” new editors so they gotta keep posting… something, right? Like one of the recent articles about an editor who has yet to buy an iPhone. What a joke. Get some folks on board who KNOW THEIR STUFF and not just useless posters doing it for the checkmark.

  • lello91

    I’m still using that tetris app called “Tris” when the app store was still young and that later apple removed because some company(EA?) sued the guy behind this app because he hadnt the legal rights to create a free tetris app on the iPhone. Am I the only one?