Find Cheap Gas Prices with GasBuddy for iPhone


Everytime we record an episode of The iPhone Podcast, Justin Luey and I come up with some App Store ‘picks of the week’. Every single time we continue to surprise each other with noteworthy apps. This time around, it’s GasBuddy, which helps you find cheap gas prices. Hey, who doesn’t like to save money?

Find the cheapest gas on the go – for free! In one click, locate gas stations near you and see their current gas prices. Never overpay for gas again.

For every gas price reported, you’ll earn points toward prize give-away entries. We give away a $250 gas gift card every week.

GasBuddy is a community of users working together to update gas prices – help everyone save on gas!

Gas prices for USA and Canada only.

GasBuddy is one of those apps that takes advantage of crowdsourcing (like Localmind) and , but this time it’s for gas prices. It will use your location to find the nearest gas stations and prices are listed by distance and on a map. Stations such as Petro Canada, Shell, Esso, and Chevron have their respective logos. I gave GasBuddy a quick test and it worked great listing the gas stations in my area. The app is clear, simple, and works exactly as described. I’ve found a new friend deserving of my precious iPhone homescreen.

The next update will include the ability to ‘favourite’ stations, and filter stations by distance, brand, and time reported. I can’t wait.

With summer approaching, gas prices are expected to rise as usual. Prices are hovering around $1.35/L in Vancouver. I can see that climbing to $1.50 this summer. How much is gas in your area right now?

GasBuddy is FREE. Click here to download.


  • Anonymous

    In Toronto the small gas stations are usually cheaper but the big guys Shell, Petro Canada, Esso are always the same price so it became useless to use gas buddy.

    Plus with Petro Points and the fuel savings card I don’t go anywhere else but them.

    I use the Tomorrow Gas Price app (blue icon by Knupro Tech) to find out what the price is going to be so I know to fill up before I head home

  • Nick

    Just fired it up in Victoria and all the gas stations are at the same price… Though they were all also updated ’20 hours ago’ so I suppose there’s nothing to stop someone from faking gas prices without actually knowing what they are just so they get more points on this app

  • Joey Tacoma

    Works great here in Kingston — most price updates are less than a few hours old and I have yet to find any fake posts in the three weeks I’ve been using GasBuddy here.

  • Yamadorishitate

    “Cheap” gas prices, guess we have to say that tounge in cheek huh

  • Jon V

    It’s a great app Gary, I use it all the time when I go over the border to get gas. Being in White Rock makes no sense to fill up locally and pay the extra BC taxes! LOL

  • Me

    I have yet to have it work for any postal code in Quebec when searching yet it does have Montreal prices. Not worth the time 🙁