Find Your Parked Car With Where Is My Car Parked For iPhone


If you don’t always remember where you parked your car, your iPhone GPS can help you out with a new app called Where Is My Car Parked.

Where Is My Car Parked by aGupieWare

Where Is My Car Parked is a classic parking app that assists users in locating their parked vehicle. The main draw of the app, at least for me, is how simple and clean the user interface is.

Once loaded for the first time, the app will request your location and begin tracking you. Once in the app, there are three buttons for navigation: Save Location, Track, or Recall Location.

If the app has not located you, users can tap “Track” to have the app search for your location again. It is assumed that you are standing next to your vehicle when opening the app or using the Track button. At this point, the app would have located the user with a pin drop on the in-app map.

After the location is confirmed on the map, tapping on “Save Location” will save that location for future reference. This location is saved in one of three slots under the “Recall Location” selection.

The “Recall Location” selection brings users to a traffic stoplight graphic that saves your last three saved parking locations. The Recall Location selection is used when users must find their parked car. Once the required selection is chosen, users then tap on “Map it” and the app draws directions to your vehicle.

The app is definitely handy and is extremely simple with a very easy to understand user interface. While noting your parking space in the iPhone Notes app works fine, using a GPS-based app such as Where Is My Car Parked provides a more direct (and fun!) approach to finding your parked car.

Where Is My Car Parked is available in the App Store for $0.99.


  • John

    I agree… This app is easy to use. This is one of my favorite apps!

  • Speedy-T

    could you not just use the google maps and ‘pin drop’ a location?

  • Anonymous

    Can you store any other kind of info like the section of a parking lot or take a picture of the signage? G-Park allows you to do that as well which is what I am using right now. The downside of G-Park is that you can’t retrieve the data you have entered if you have no phone signal which is what happens when I travel in the US.

  • FT

    Like speedy says, use drop pin on the map for free, or I like too Find Your Car with AR (augmented reality, free) for a bit of fun.

  • Anonymous

    Cool app but not worth paying for.

  • Anonymous

    There are plenty of free apps that do the exact same thing.

  • Barryw

    Save a buck, drop a pin in google maps.

  • John

    I think this app makes it easier to locate your car than google maps–less buttons to press. However, you do have to pay a buck for the app.

  • Owner

    In its category, this app ranks number 32, out of thousands, in the Canadian app store!

  • Matthew

    This is a cool app indeed. I have many times wondered where exactly I left my car when shopping in malls with big parking lots. The Where Is My Car Parked app comes very handy.