Google Search for iPhone Debuts: New Look and Feel


Google just announced a huge update to their Google Mobile App. It’s now been renamed to Google Search, and includes an overhaul and new set of features. The update is now available in the App Store. Search for “Google Mobile App”.

What’s New in Version

New user interface with improved fast app-switching support
Swipe right to make your search more specific
Swipe down to access settings and log in to Google
Updated help screen
Certain corners rounded
Bug fixes

Here are some screenshots from the app. You’ll notice there’s cool looking help tutorial, and searching on the app gives you a tonne of options. Just swipe to the right and you can filter your results easily. Swipe down, and the search reappears.

There’s also integration with Google Googles, and Voice Search is included too. There is an “Apps” button that gives you a shortcut to other Google services that will launch in Safari.

Overall, a fantastic update to the previous Google Mobile App. This new version takes advantage of multitouch and is a joy to use. Thanks Google for the continued iPhone support! 🙂 Click here to download Google Search.

[Google Mobile Blog]


  • Anonymous

    Just want to make an update; the new app looks good but the name is still “Google Mobile App” on the Apple store and you have to download and install it over the old version. You won’t find it on update page.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • Anonymous

    It was listed as an update for me… Along with Apple Remote

  • Weebsurfer

    Yup, same here. Appears to have Updated no prob.

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