iMyFone Umate Review: Free Up Space on Your iPhone with Ease [Giveaway]



Have you ever run into that wonderful “your storage is almost full” message on your iOS device? If you own a 16GB iPhone, you have probably seen that message quite a bit, especially if you enjoy taking photos and video on your device.

A lot of space on your iPhone is taken up by junk files, including crash logs from all your apps. Freeing this space on your device can be vital, especially if you own an iOS device with a lower storage capacity.

The folks at iMyPhone have created a desktop app, that works with macOS and Windows, which allows users to clean up these junk files on their iOS devices. The app is really simple to use, just plug in your iPhone, run the scan, and remove the junk files.


The app can also perform a full wipe of your device, which can come in very handy if you are selling your device. The “Erase All Data” function will securely erase all your data, including deleted files, to ensure that none of your files and sensitive information remains on the device.


The “1-click Free Up Space” option allows users to clean Junk Files, Temporary Files, compress photos, remove large files and remove apps.

There are a lot of apps on the market that promise to recover disk space on your iOS devices but fail to deliver. iMyFone, on the other hand, performs a simple task really well and does exactly what it is advertised to do.


iMyFone offers users a free trial of their Umate software that allows users to clean junk files once, remove one app, and compress their five latest photos.  iMyFone also offers a Standard and Pro version of Umate for $29.95 and $49.95 respectively. The company sent us a license of Umate Pro for review.

But we can do better than that for you guys! iMyFone is giving us 10 promo codes for a license to their Umate Pro software (valid for one year). If you would like to win one of these promo codes, leave a comment below and tell us why you want to use the software. You have until Saturday, November 5 at midnight PDT to leave your comment. Winners will be announced shortly after the contest closes.

If you are looking for a solution to free up space on your iOS device, give iMyFone a try. The company is also giving all iPhoneinCanada readers the ability to purchase a lifetime personal license of iMyFone Umate Pro (macOS, Windows) for only $19.95 (regularly $49.95).

Update: Here are the winners of the contest–check your emails!

Josh Dawson
Spiros Kapetanios
Luis Felipe Ramirez


  • Simon lamy

    I need this sofware to clean

  • Simon Lamy

    clean our ios devices. Only 16gb on our iphone is not enough.


  • Josh Dawson

    I deserve this code because I have owned a 16GB iPhone since the 3G and I’m sick of having 50mb of free space at any given time and sick of having to get rid of useful apps and media every few days! Please Help!!!!!!

  • Olivier

    I need it because I only have a 16gb iPhone and I keep getting the Storage almost full pop-up. Was able with my iPhone 4 to survive with 16 GB, but today it’s impossible.
    There’s no way to delete the Other files manually 🙁

  • It’s Me

    I’d like to try it just to see how much space it can free up for me.

  • Wall Man

    Would love to see how much space I can freeup.

  • Neville Leung

    What I need is exactly what you can deliver me the solution. Really what to try and tell everyone your app is working good.

  • B C

    Cause my wife has a 16GB and don’t want to have to clean her phone again 😛

  • Andy

    would like to try this app. thx

  • Doug

    Because I recently bought the entire Harry Potter series on iTunes when I tried the old way to free up space (it appears that Apple must’ve changed how it does purchases via the iPhone). An app would make the likelihood of that happening again pretty darn slim.

  • Jef

    I can’t afford to upgrade from my iPhone 5. So this would make my phone usable and enjoyable.

  • kb

    Would definitely use this app – even without music on my phone, pictures have been forcing me to manually manage the 16GB storage space. I left Live pics on by mistake and it ate up a lot of storage 🙁 Have since turned it off based on the advice posted here. Thanks guys!

  • aaloo

    Looks good. I want it 🙂 They should add a recovery function in case you accidentally delete something off your iPhone, like an iMessage conversation.

  • Ajin

    I need this badly. I have a 16 gb iPhone 6s and have been struggling with storage space.

  • gerry

    I ended up downloading the trial version, I had 96gb out of my original 128gb and was able to free that one bit back up to 103gb of available space.

  • Corey Beazer

    Curious as to why theres some files I just cant get rid of on my phone.

  • javierc

    I’ld like to try this app to free some space up! 🙂

  • Mitch Richardson

    lol at all the fake comments on this article

  • Paul

    I have a 16gb device with about 1gb in mystery missing space, would love to try this.

  • Spiros Kapetanios

    You dont know how badly i need this app. I have a 16gb 6 plus and i get the storage almost full message daily. Im constantly deleting apps and files i need each and every single day. My phone is full of junk, yet cant clear it out. This app would put some new life into my phone. I need this.

  • Ian

    This sounds good and would LOVE to free some free space on my iPhone 🙂

  • schesbh

    Even with 128g… it’s not enough… I need to clean house’

  • Casied

    Me-Me-Me! Not that tech savvy and this looks like it would help me EASY. I tried the ileef gadget; but keeps telling me not compatible; consequently havent used or figured it out!

  • AF

    I’d like one please. My 16GB ipad with closing in on max capacity

  • Nasir Ali Khan

    I have tried some apps but so far no luck with good. my iphone is 16 gb and it is constant struggle.

  • Sa

    This would be great to clean up my 16GB iPad!!

  • Wavin’Flag

    I manage six iOS devices in our household, half of them for kids who constantly take too many videos and want too many apps. Save my life – please!

  • sukisszoze

    I’m have less than 1GB left 🙁

  • YoGoerz

    I’m the go to guy for my family when it comes to technology! This kind of utility would really help me make the most of their phone experience for them, specially as people like my parents can’t afford to upgrade to a larger capacity device!
    Thanks iPhoneInCanada!

  • LoWd0Wn

    Out of the blue one of my dearest friends iphone went from a normal half full drive to almost full overnight and knows it is some of the old ios files or?? and I cant get rid of it for her. I would love to have this and then I can help her!!

  • jimbeam13

    16GB SE Unlocked… killing me.

  • Larry

    I spent last evening cleaning up a friends iPhone 6 16 GB using common sense. Showed him what he didn’t need and deleted it. No software needed. Gained 6.3 GB.

  • tomm

    I have seen two 16 gb iphones with 0 mb of free storage space and the phone becomes almost impossible to use. I had to start deleting videos to free up a bit of space before the phone became useable again. So this utility would help for sure with 16 gb iphones. Moast people don’ realize how limiting 16 gb is, I think Apple should not even sell them.

  • I’d like it since I’m the guy all the old people call to fix their phones (lol)

  • Francesco

    Mom’s iPad 2 and sister’s iPhone 4 had that pop up this week, perfect timing!

  • Thisismyrealm

    How do you get it for $19.95?

  • Canadiandad

    I’d love to have this app instead of having to use the trick to release file space by trying to rent an HD video from itunes, and have it fail for lack of space. That’s a pain. I keep having to delete apps and reinstalling them when needed.

  • MleB1

    I remember a similar app some years ago – it actually worked quite well, though it was always disconcerting that it’s English instructions were clearly from a poor translation / early ESL student. Changlish. I can’t recall why I gave up on it – it may have been an OS upgrade that finally broke it.
    Would be interested in trying this and see what it does.

  • larsgirl1

    I’d love to have this app. I never have any space on my phone.

  • sidman

    I’d love to check this out. No matter how large storage I get, it fills up quickly.

  • Chantelle

    I would like to try to see how much space it can free up! : )

  • woomoo7

    I’ve used a 8g iPhone for over two years. Sucks big time, daily storage management has to be done. Basically which app do I delete daily in order to install another or dele 25+ apps to free up space to film anything. iCloud does not help as the Apple brass claims as the solution, app storage is required on the phone itself

  • Luis Felipe Ramirez

    I’ve had an iPhone 6 Plus since it came out and I was only able to get the 16GB phone and since then I’ve struggled with the “Storage almost full” notification. I would love to try this program out and see how much space it can free up on my phone seeing as I will be waiting till next year to get a new iPhone !

  • Rickyscv

    Even after getting rid of videos on my phone and my wife’s, there is not enough memory available. Something is hidden in the iOS and I can’t find it to get rid of it. Please, I would love to have your software and free up space on our phones.

  • Nick

    Use the links I have provided in the post for macOS and Windows.