iZON Remote Room Monitor [Review]


Recently, we got our hands on the iZON Remote Room Monitor from Stem. Basically, it is a small camera that you can access from anywhere, over the internet, via the Stem app. It works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The iZON has audio and motion sensing, and will send you a notification when it detects something. It is really easy to set.


Stem:Connect is a dedicated app for viewing and controlling the iZON Remote Room Monitor from Stem Innovation.

iZON enables you to stream live video and audio to your iPod, iPhone or iPad, and record automatically to your free, private YouTube account.

View live video from anywhere in the world over Edge, 3G or Wi-Fi networks.

iZON owners can use Stem:Connect to:

-Set up a free Stem Account to securely access iZON video over Edge, 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

-Monitor the people, places and things most important to you whenever you need to step away.

-Enable motion and/or noise detection and receive alerts and push notifications when an event occurs.

-Record video clips automatically to your private YouTube account, or manually record clips at any time.

-Set up multiple iZON cameras on a single network, or install iZON in different locations and view them all in one place.

The Stem:Connect App walks you through a few simple steps to get your iZON Remote Room Monitor online. iZON can join your personal Wi-Fi network and provide live, streaming audio and video available from wherever you go, anywhere in the world with your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.* Easily configure motion or noise detection and iZON will record clips of events to your YouTube account, and/or send you alerts and push notifications on your iOS device to notify you when events been detected. Enjoy peace of mind wherever you roam — with iZON and the Stem:Connect App!



The iZON is actually a really great product. Now, this is the first network camera for an iDevice that I have used, so I can’t compare it to other products, but I like the iZON. The camera itself has a small footprint and can be set on a shelf, or mounted on a wall. It is wireless, except for the power, which is similar to the charger for in iPhone, but with a longer cord. The base is a little magnetic dome, and you can position the camera anyway you want. Once it is set up, the camera can be accessed from anywhere in the world, over WiFi, 3G, or EDGE.

The brightest feature of this for me, was how easy it is to set up. The Stem app, which is free in the App Store, walks you through the whole process. There are no special DNS settings to mess with, or special ports you need to set up. Everything is automatically configured in the app. Once plugged in, the iZON emits it’s own WiFI signal. You connect to the camera to set up your home network, and configure the settings. The app has a simple but elegant design and is easy to navigate to view you cameras and settings. Another nice feature is the ability to record your camera’s video right to a private YouTube account. I didn’t try this feature, but this would come in really handy if you get a notification of motion detected, and witness a break in. You can hit record and have the evidence of the crime, right on YouTube.

Overall, I would recommend this product. If you’re looking to set up some simple security in your home, or just want to use this as a baby monitor, this is a great product. At a price point of $129.95, it is an affordable solution for the small business, or new home owner.



  • ????Dennis

    Does it record it dark environments? I will be looking for a baby monitor soon and think that if it lacks that feature then this product would not be good for use as a baby monitor.

  • most baby monitors that are affordable are just regular light if they even have video features. Low light or night vision ones are pretty expensive. Now I am not sure if there is one that is low light and has an app so you can check it on your iDevice, but there should be.

  • Scott

    I just ordered one based on this review. This should compliment my current baby monitor nicely.

  • I bought one a few months ago and couldn’t get it to work. The app would just freeze and wouldn’t complete the setup. I took it back to the apple store for a refund. If I knew for sure that worked now, I’d buy it again.

  • Anonymous

    This would be great to capture the little bastards teasing my dogs and to monitor them. I am considering this option.

  • Weebsurfer

    Wasn’t there one that had night vision reviewed here just over a week ago??? It was about double the price though if I recall correctly.

  • Scott

    Use coupon code GREEN for $22.09 savings. 🙂

  • Inspgadget

    I hope you got paid lots to give this product a good review. I bought on of these and could never get it to work properly. The app store rates this product a 1 star out of 5. When I returned mine to the Apple store they said they had many of them returned and that they were not going to sell them anymore. A quick check of the Apple store online showed the product not being listed anymore. Anyone considering buying this product should look elsewhere. This one is garbage.

  • Sweet review, now let’s talk about freebies…..

  • I didn’t get paid anything to review this. It worked great for me, and that’ swhat my review was based on. Sorry you had a bad experience with it.

  • This one is just regular light, unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    I believe there are a few app options out there that can use any webcam (I personally haven’t tried yet) or connect to an IP cam. Which for the price of this one I’m sure you can find one and it would be more versatile as well.

  • Inty

     There are almost no video baby monitors that are just regular light.  The very nature of a baby monitor makes it useless if it doesn’t work in low light, unless your kids sleep with the lights on (doubtful).

    There are lots of affordable baby monitors that work well in low light.

  • Feelz

    Dennis, I buy my baby monitor on Ebay, they have night vision, ability to talk from monitor to cameraand rechargeable. but it’s not an “ip” one. Have it since a year now, working good for like 100$

  • Fritzenator

     While I have to admit that the initial set up did not go smoothly, with a little patience I managed to get it up and running after a couple of hours of futzing ( it doesn’t like WEP, priers WPA2 for instance) . iZON has released a firmware update recently that appears to make the camera connection to your router much more stable ( mine has been running for several days as of this writing without a hiccup). 

  • Funny – the folks at Stem Innovation are a little thin skinned and deleted my original post about their customer service from their FB page.

    …so I ultimately got my answer from Chris Doran at iZon. Despite the cameras completely stopping any recording merely 60 days after I spent $264 on 2 cameras, and not having any ability to record for the last 60 days, iZon refuses to stand behind their product. How companies deal with situations like this is what differentiates great companies and products from poor ones. iZon, based on this experience, is a poor one. I would avoid buying any of their products.

  • KCX

    New app works great…. Buy them on eBay – waaaay cheaper, I have 4 in my house…. First one was bought to keep an eye out on my dog..

  • CezWho

    Foscam has night vision, and lots of good reviews. Thinkin of going with them. Any advice?