Share: iPhone App Now Broadcasts Live Video Over 3G/WiFi


If you’re into the whole live-streaming thing, you’ll be happy to know that the iPhone app has been updated to allow for live video broadcasts over 3G/WiFi. When the NHL season resumes this Fall, is great for live “streams” of certain games. Just don’t let Gary Bettman know, or he might take away draft picks and fine you $3 million dollars…err…oh wait, that’s a different story.

Anyways, here’s the latest description of new features:

Broadcast LIVE video from your iPhone or watch thousands of other LIVE streams. This app works great on both 3G and WiFi. You can share your broadcast on Twitter and Facebook so friends and family can watch. And best of all, you can watch any live video from on the go with our fun, fast, and easy to use app!

● Broadcast live video over 3G and WiFi
● Watch any live stream
● Easy sharing on Twitter and Facebook
● 2 way chat with your viewers
● Videos are automatically saved to the web on
● High quality video over both 3G and Wi-Fi
● Chat with viewers who are watching from the web
● Simple and easy to navigate UI
● View and manage other broadcasters you follow
● Search
● And much, much more!

What’s New In This Version:
The wait is over, you can now broadcast LIVE from the app!
● Broadcast live video over 3G and WiFi
● Easy sharing with Twitter and Facebook
● 2 way chat with viewers
● Videos are saved automatically to your account for later viewing
● Front facing camera and torch support
● Categories for easier navigation of live video
● High resolution art
● Bug fixes and crash fixes

This new update of works very well. I just did a quick test video, and you can select from Normal or High Quality video when you upload. HQ live recording is limited to WiFi, but if your iPhone is jailbroken My3G will create an easy workaround. There are also immediate options to share videos to Facebook and Twitter, plus you can also use the front facing camera on the iPhone 4.

Previously, I was in love with QIK for live streaming of events from my iPhone (and USTREAM as well). might take the cake as my new favourite video streaming app.

Are you a live video junkie? What app are you using?


  • Anthony

    I actually watched a Canucks game last year while watching UFC at a friend’s place. Couldn’t really tell where the puck was, but that might have been because the feed wasn’t that good or the app just came out. Maybe it’s improved now and I can actually see things on my 4 🙂

  • Beavis

    There is a BIG problem with the new release of No Sound in any live videos. I upgraded to the latest version and no sound any more. They need to fix it. I am reverting back to the older version via my backup.

  • Anonymous

    I love =)
    But there are a lot of fake people hosting the streams and are just filled with advertisements for you to go to some website and watch it. It just takes a bit of time to find that right stream that works the best.

    Also as the site is worldwide, expect a lot of streams in a language you probably won’t understand. But it does make a soccer game really interesting GOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!

    And don’t expect the best clarity out there…. But it is good for just watching something on the go. Just don’t expect to make out that hockey puck/basketball/football anywhere on your phone screen.. lol

  • Beavis

    Sorry my mistake. Sound is good. This app is great.

    Still crashes sometimes when you search, but favourites are working and the new features are great.

  • B_radleyr

    Do they broadcast NFL games?

  • Anonymous

    Chances are yes. But most likely the big early/late afternoon games which are already carried by CTV & CityTv/Sportsnet on Sunday in Canada. The local games that aren’t broadcast nationally on CBS and Fox in the US might be harder to find. The Sunday night games on NBC and Monday on ESPN shouldn’t be that hard to find.

  • B_radleyr

    Reason being is Im a Rams and there never nationally televised 🙁

  • itsmegerald

    I’ve had justintv for a while now through the U.S. itunes store. Best thing about it so far is a live steam of MSNBC which is fantastic for breaking news events. There is also a live feed of CNN International. Has anyone found feeds of other U.S. mainstream networks?