magicJack for iPhone Allows Unlimited Free Calling Within Canada and USA


Update 2: CNET reports you can call another magicJack user, but you need to dial this main, 305-848-TALK, then punch in your friend’s unique 10 digit magicJack number.

Surely you’ve seen commercials for magicJack, right? Make insanely cheap VoIP voice calls from your home with just your internet connection and the magicJack hardware? Well, the magicJack team has just released their app for the iPhone (and iPad, iPod touch), and it will allow for unlimited calls to numbers within Canada and the USA–for free. MagicJack claims to be the fastest growing telecom company in North America.

Once downloaded, you can login using your existing magicJack account, create your own or make an immediate call. It’s simple and your iPhone contacts are available to make calls. The app works over 3G/WiFi (they recommend 4G over 3G), and from my initial test call over WiFi, the receiving caller did not know I was on VoIP. You will also receive a number from magicJack to receive calls at too, but I have yet to test that out.

Update 1: Making a magicJack to magicJack call is simple. Just your friend’s magicJack number, located in ‘My number’ (including the asterisks) within the Account tab. You’ll receive a push notification of the incoming call–the ringtone sounds like an old school phone.

You can even leave a voicemail, and your friend will be notified of the voicemail both by magicJack and email.

MagicJack CEO, Dan Borislow, had this to say about the launch of their new iOS app:

“I am incredibly proud of the many employees involved in building our first APP. I am obviously biased in saying this, but I can’t see any reason that by offering the best voice quality, free calls, ease of use, ability to use your existing contacts and free download, that we will not have tens of millions of downloads over the next year. Apple has the best OS and devices built for voice and I believe we have the best telephone network and software engineers to take advantage of this incredible platform.”

We’ve seen previous ‘free’ VoIP solutions such as Talkatone, netTalk, and BudPhone, but magicJack for iPhone takes the cake. It’s quick to sign up, simple to use, with no catch. Free calling is here–just make sure you have a hefty data plan if you’re going to rely on 3G calling.

Click here to download magicJack, it’s free. Let me know how it works for you!


  • Anonymous

    How does a line land user dial that MagicKack number that begins with 0?

  • Jim

    I think you can only receive call from magic jack devices.

  • Anonymous

    This will be Great but is that with Facts man???????/ because Without money Free Call with iPhone?????// amazing man

  • Anonymous

    Realy Great work

  • hopa

    Anyone know how much data voip takes up? Lets say a 10 min call.

  • Inspect416

    How do people from land lines call you?

  • AdamK

    If it’s all free how do they make money to provide the service? Or is the app free to promote their landline service?

  • Their VP responded to me on twitter to say this feature was coming soon.

  • Looks like a marketing ploy to spread their brand and landline service.

  • Tcrowns

    It would have been nice to also report how much data is used in a typical 5 or 10minute call.

  • No doubt MagicJack is a good value… but the privacy issues are more than I can take. Pretty sure you can get it and a Canadian number for $30/year… which is almost impossible to beat… but for that you give them way too much access to your personal info… e.g. from their TOS: 

    In addition, the Software mirrors your web browser, allowing magicJack to collect information about the websites you visit and Internet searches you conduct. 

  • Rustybarnacle

    Wow!  That’s a huge red flag right there.

  • Anonymous

    Whenever the word “free” is stated, a lot of people jump on the bandwagon without doing their due diligence. Thanks to Jon Doh and others, this free service comes with a hefty price. Information is wealth and a lot of companies are cashing in. As the saying goes, if it is too good to be true, watch out for the catch. I still like the Skype ~2.95/month unlimited calling to CDN/USA via both 3G/WiFi.

  • Anonymous

    How the heck do they do that on iOS?  Apple surely wouldn’t allow that.

  • Edge

    No, it works from all phone.

  • Edge

    I have the MagicJack land line.  When I installed the iPhone app, my landline quit working.  Has anyone had any success in running the iPhone app and the land line?  If so, what have you done?

  • Kelvin Wong

    It works great on wifi. Sometimes a bit choppy over 3G, but over all not bad. I noticed you have to log in every time you close the app. I find that annoying. I prefer not signing up and just use it for out going calls. I’ve tried uninstallinng the app but cannot get the “I only want to make a FREE call…” option anymore. Anyone have the same issues?

  • Terry

    I have the same issue.  There is no way for the time being for the app to save your log in info.

  • Terry

    I’ve also noticed that even if the app is terminated, you can still receive push notifications from another Magicjack iphone caller, but once you try answering it, the app hangs because it requires log in. And just stays hanging.  In other words, in order for you to receive calls from another Magicjack caller, the app must be active (in the multitask bar) otherwise don’t expect to have the incoming call function work properly.

  • Edge

    Thanks, I did get it working, had to relogin on the MagicJack device.  Also, there are options in the MyMagicJack setting for controlling it.  I tried customer service, but the person had no idea how to help me (not a surprise, most are there just for the most basic of basic questions.).  Thanks.

  • I think its a great service from magicjack 

  • mj

    So, why is it free?

  • To market the magicJack, their original product for homes and businesses.

  • Dnkcoates

    I made the mistake of checking no on alerts at my initial set up and  guess this means I now will not receive calls how do I reset so I can receive calls?

  • Thomasvinzant

    I found a login on the Internet you have to use the iPhone associated with the account to change options make and receive calls. Googled majicjack Login scroll down the lists till the blue Login apears by itself. Then login to you account.

  • Thomasvinzant

    I used the I D number that apeared on my other phone called it then was prompted to enter the 10 digit I D you’ll find in your account setting icon on the touch pad it then after a moment places the call. A bit of a hassle. But not much different than dialing and extension after reaching a business automated system

  • Ash

    So choppy that it’s impossible to use.  Worked great the first 2 times, and then crap.  Even tried re-installing it.  Thumbs down all the way.

  • Sifi69

    magicjack doesn’t support area code 867 which covers all 3 northern canadian territories.

  • Medstulife

    can you show me how to receive calls, calls my iphone app is setup but wont receive calls

  • Edge

    It’s it your settings online. Go to and under subscriptions. Of course, to receive calls you have to pay and subscribe to a number. My iPhone works simultaneously with my physical MagicJack.

  • Crisdior Iglesias

    i got the portable magic jack and apps on my iphone. i got a magic jack account too.

    the thing is, after 30 days of use on the apps that said free call, the was gone so i tried to use my portable magic jack account. than after, i cant make calls on my apps anymore. can anyone help me…

    it also said on the status on the appa under accounts that i need to fill in some form.

  • Janineananian

    Why Magicjack always write few seconds to free calls and can not make calls from my Iphone

  • Braemiss

    when i make a phone call from my iphone using the magic jack app, how much data does it eatup?

  • yuki

    When I try to call from my magicjack on my iPhone 4s to my mom’s magicjack on her iPhone 4, it gives 3 quick dialling beeps (like a busy signal) and then hangs up. it calls landlines just fine.
    I’ve tried dialling the base number (305) and then the number in asterisks. it tells me i don’t need to do that.
    I’ve tried dialling the 305 number followed immediately by the magicjack account number, both with and without asterisks. it still doesn’t work.
    Any ideas? 
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  • Fredvaughan

    I’ve had a magic jack for the last 4 yrs, it cost me a total of 49.00 for the the first year and 20.00 a year after that. I resently bought the magic jack plus 79.00 for the first year and 30.00 dollars a year after that, the new device lets you plug it into the wall so you dont have to leave the computer on all the time. I think its a great phone and I dont have to pay Bell a thing ever again.

  • Shakmayahi

    I have a problem can any one help plz i sign up on my i phone as new magicjack user then i used the same user for my i pad 2 i can make call local bot when i call from BC to MTL i can hear them bot the cant hear me whats the problem plz help

  • Bilbo Baggins

    It’s great & it works! AND it’s NOT data intensive … What a super solution! Makes all your Apple products = wireless phone handsets … ANYWHERE in CANADA/US … It’s been 1 month now … NO COMPLAINTS – only praise!

  • Hope

    How do you know when the magic jack customer is on the other line?

  • Rick c.

    I have been using magicjack on my iPhone and iPad for over two years. I only use it when I’m outside the US and only when on Internet. It has always served me well at no cost. But about 3 days ago. (Feb 20 2013) or about. I got a notice that they were doing upgrades. Now it’s dead. When I try to use it I get a message saying cannot insert null into (“YMAX”.”currentdevicein ( oracle_magicjack:live) anyone else with this problem? Also I have made no changes on my end with equipment or settings. So it’s not that.

  • Amber

    eats up your data usage!!