Pizza Pizza iPhone App Brings Ordering Right on your Phone


Pizza Pizza has been serving Canadians since 1967, and recently released their iPhone app. This app allows for orders straight from your iPhone–it doesn’t get any easier than that. The future is here, folks.

Here’s the app description:

Come on board and be a part of the Pizza ordering revolution by:
• Creating your favorite pizza order
• Select your last order
• Specify order type (delivery or pickup)
• Track guarantee time
• Place future orders

The free Pizza Pizza application is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and can be downloaded at the App Store.

Features Include:

• Browse through the extensive menu with a flick of a finger
• Variety of payment options; at the door or through the app
• Favorite order feature allows one-click ordering (save a maximum of 5 orders)
• View your last five orders (automatically saved and repeat with a click)
• University students can use meal cards as a payment mode (*limitations apply)
• App only specials
• Ability to view the updated price while creating your favorite order
• Track the time guarantee on your order with a count-down timer; Pizza Pizza provides a 40 min or free delivery guarantee (some restrictions may apply)
• Save multiple addresses on your profile (e.g. work, home, cottage)
• Search for restaurants located near you with the intuitive map application. Restaurant operating hours and a quick call number also available
• The iPhone app is synced with your online web-profile

Pizza Pizza doesn’t have any locations in Vancouver, but they are located in Port Coquitlam, Delta, and Burnaby. I gave the app a quick spin to check it out. The layout is simple, and the app is definitely easy to use. The layout is effective and there are lots of upsells that made me want to place an order. Well done.

Bring in an Old Cell Phone, Get a Free Slice of Pizza

Pizza Pizza locations are celebrating Earth Month this April by giving out free slices of pizza to people who bring in old cell phones for recycling. The Cells for Slices program generates revenue for Food Banks Canada. So, if you have an old phone in a drawer somewhere, bring it in for free pizza!

Click here to download the Pizza Pizza app. It’s free. Let me know how it works for you!


  • Anonymous

    Considering how truly terrible their website is, it’s amazing how they managed to bang out such a great app. Not only does it’s UI design blow the actual website out of the water, it actually has more features like saving login & payment information locally.

    It also has full & robust retina display support, something still lacking in many store apps. All in all the developer(s) contracted to write it should be proud. They did a great job, and packed in every feature you could possibly think of. Likewise, kudos to Pizza Pizza for letting them go buck wild with it instead of keeping the feature set limited to lower development costs.

    The only downside I can think of is that they mention on the page that it supports the iPad, but it’s not a universal app. That may mean that they don’t plan to ever make it a real universal app, and those with an iPad will just have to run the blown up iPhone version. That’s just me nitpicking though.

  • Jake

    No pizzapizza in Vancouver…whattt

  • JfromK

    Mom always said if you can’t say something nice; don’t say anything at all… The app might be great but umm, mass produced pizza? Okay sure it’s edible, but I’d rather have pizza from the dirty old corner pizza place that is rumoured to deals drugs on the side…. oh maybe that’s why the pizza there tastes so good. Almost addictive one might say.

  • Anonymous

    I dont know about you,but rather have pizzapizza then drug pizza.

  • I remember back in the day when you would use your phone to CALL the pizza place.

    What a world we live in…

  • Phone calls? What are those? 😉

  • Phone calls? What are those? 😉

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree their website generally sucks. Pleasantly surprised by how good the app and UI is actually. Two things stand out:

    1. Saving the credit card information was a bit odd. Although it didn’t clearly indicate it you had to select the tiny logo for your credit card as well as enter the card number. Couldn’t figure it out and then just though maybe I have to click the tiny credit card picture…and then it worked without a glitch.

    2. I neglected to say which location I was going to pick up the pizza from and I was able to submit the order without that information. I’m close to two locations and their order review didn’t tell me where I had to go pick it up so I had to call. Figured as I had ordered from this one location it was likely there however, not sure 100%. IN any event they let me know where to find it.

    Fix those two small things and it will be great. You get to play a virtual scratch card game when you actually place an order and I ended up winning a food prize on my next order that was saved till I actually ordered.

    Very cool.

  • Missacanada

    I love this app. But pizza pizza is not my favorite pizza I wish Domino’s pizza have an app like this one

  • Peter

    there is one at UBC 😀

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