Pizza Pizza iPhone App Hits 111,111 Orders Placed


The popular pizza ordering app from Pizza Pizza has reached a milestone–over 111,111 orders placed since the launch of their iPhone app six months ago.

In that short period of time, the app has received the following accolades:

Webby Award (Mobile Shopping for Handheld Devices)
Canadian Marketing Association Award (Digital Interactive Retail)
W3 Award for Design and Navigation
Two Davey Awards (Gold MA15 Shopping category; Silver MM61 Restaurant category)

“The launch has exceeded our expectations and it’s clear that our customers love the added convenience we’ve delivered,” said Pat Finelli, Chief Marketing Officer for Pizza Pizza. “Embracing new technologies has been invaluable to us in our industry. We’ve had the opportunity to be first in a lot of things, and we’re delighted to have added this mobile app to the list.”


The app was created by Plastic Mobile, and continues to make it easy to order pizza easily from your iPhone. Who’s using the Pizza Pizza iPhone app? Are you part of those 111,111 orders?

Click here to download Pizza Pizza, it’s free. Another pizza ordering app is available from Pizza 73.


  • Arash Delkhoon

    Pizza Hut FTW<3

  • Anonymous

    I’ve made several of those orders, but damn the app is buggy!

  • lrose

    Love the app. Gives me free sides sometimes too!

  • Anonymous

    Use the app all the time. It allows you to order everything from their normal website, including specials depending where your current location. I like the ability to deliver/pickup any order to any location with a few clicks of the screen. This saves a lot of time wait time when picking up orders. There is even a countdown timer to ensure when your order is done or it’s free. : ) The first time I saw online pizza ordering was in the movie The Net (1995) with Sandra Bullock.

  • SteveHiggs

    Looks like I’ve ordered over 25 times since I got the app. This thing just makes it way too easy! Haha. The innovative design, access to current specials, and the “scratch ticket” at the end of each order ensure my continued use. Smart stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to use this app however I don’t know what pizza pizza is like in the rest of Canada but here in Toronto its tastes like cardboard.

  • John

    The app is OK, the product they are selling is tasteless.  I would rather have a frozen pizza at home… it has more flavour.  People who like Pizza Pizza are also the ones who think Mandarin is fine dining.