Review: Agile Messenger, the All-in-One instant messaging client!


Today I have a review of a new Instant Messaging Application to recently hit the iTunes App Store called “Agile Messenger”. Get ready for a fantastic instant messaging experience on your iPhone!

Agile Messenger by Ltd.

If any of you have used Fring before for the iPhone, then you will know what instant messaging is like on the iPhone. Well, Agile Messenger takes that experience and multiplies it 100 times into what I am saying is the best instant messaging experience I have had yet on the iPhone platform.

What really impresses me is how clear the user interface is. Everything is very sharp and colorful and extremely easy to use! At your fingertips you have access to MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, and GoogleTalk! Moreover, you get multimedia messaging in which you can send pictures or recorded voice either to other mobiles or from mobile to PC. Also, Agile will support push notification when the new 3.0 firmware comes out which means you will have an instant messaging app that is always connected.

As you can see with the pictures, the user interface is very pleasant and very well done. In the opening initial screen, it is so simple to choose your instant messenger provider and just enter your login information. Then the contact list sorts itself with Instant Messenger Client headings. Within an active conversation, you have access to a plethora of smiley faces and icons, an option to take and send a picture or voice recording, and you may have multiple active chat windows open!

The last real notable feature, while small, is you may delete and manage contacts right from the application and from the settings menu, you can change font styles and sizes. I cannot think of a better phrase to describe Agile Messenger than Functional Fun!

Agile has done very well in bringing more instant messaging options to the iPhone, but they have done it in such a clean way. During my time with Agile, I have noticed zero lags or delays and everything has been working perfectly; the application is simply fantastic.

Agile Messenger was released to the AppStore on March 31, 2009 and is available for download immediately!

I am curious to hear what you guys use for IM apps? Do you have Agile? How do you like it? What other apps have you used or like? Sound off in the comments below!


  • dashparr

    I highly recommend Beejive. It’s honestly the best msn app I have ever used. You can customize the chat bubbles, windows, as well as swipe to switch between contact list and conversations. You can even turn it sideways and type in landscape mode. Did I mention you can customize the incoming sound? Ya, you can do that too.

  • Caisse

    I use Beejive which is the best IM on the iPhone.

    You always stay connected and already get push notification by SMS when you receive a msg while not in the App.

  • Dusty

    Beejive is amazing!

  • Dusty

    Great review X1Zero!
    Agile messenger was the best MSN back in the day running 1.1.4FW. But now since 2.0FW came out and many devs have been working hard on all in one MSN apps, I’d recommend checking out BeejiveIM, IM+ and of course Agile! 😉

  • Kai

    I’ve been using parlingo, how does that compare with the ones you just listed?

  • Rick

    Agile has received VERY BAD reviews in the Apps comment section. While I appreciate the reviews that iPhoneInCanada gives, I have found them very lacking in actually REVIEWING the app (often they are just a regurgitation of the press release). Many people are experiencing crashes with this app, and many others have said that others are much better. What’s the REAL review here? Thanks.

  • X1Zero

    The REAL review comes from your own experience.
    You have to remember, these appstore reviews are hardly trustworthy. People that want to articificially lower the score can do so.

    I have used all of the IM apps for the iPhone except BeeJive, and the best experience for me as been Agile. I stand by what I say.

    Before you have an opinion of it, buy it and try it. It wont disappoint.

  • generalinq

    forget beejive forget agile. IM+ is the way to go. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

  • At $9.99 I won’t be buying that IM. Looks cool, though I don’t think I’ve paid over $2.99 for an app 😉

  • Momin

    im using BeeJive and it is AMAZING. nothing even comes close too it.

  • Jonthan

    I am also a big BeeJive fan, it’s a really good app

  • Rick

    You’re right, you should always thoroughly try something before commenting. I’ve used Agile in the past and reinstalled it this morning prior to my post to see if it had improved… It hadn’t. Compared to the others it’s slow and clunky. And by slow I mean it takes 3 to 5 times longer to load my buddy list. Its UI is also clunky compared to the rest. This is kinda like recommending the Bolt full-screen browser which was by a long shot the worst full-screen browser out there (well, unless you just intended to use it for one type if site… And yes, I know it was Gary who recommended it, not you). Anyway, I do appreciate your work, but sometimes I’m left puzzled…

  • If I see an app that I think is worth sharing, I post about it. I don’t like to post about useless apps. And also, the screenshots I post are always taken from my iPhone 3G, not the press release screens you always see.

    You know what they say, you can’t please everyone right? 😉

  • Cheapo! hehe 😉

  • Rick

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the ideas (I just wish the App Store had some way to try apps, especially the expensive ones like Agile). At any rate, I’m quite thankful for this article because I found BeeJive. I figured it would be worth it because many users went our of their way to post glowing comments about it. They were right, it is definitely a great app. The UI is awesome! The speed is amazing (seriously, it loads faster than my desktop client). And, if I turn off my phone or go into another program, it’s still taking responses and I can jump back into the conversation like nothing ever happened. So, for that, I am quite thankful for this review.

  • I agree with the hesitation in dropping $5-20 for some of the premiere apps, with no chance of getting a trial to test it out. Lots of developers create free app and paid apps for people to try, so the idea is out there. Thanks for reading the review and chiming in BTW! 😀

  • cheese

    I use nimbuzz/palringo… More so, nimbuzz because of the landscape mode and the fact that you can add your facebook account and have all your buddies that are online available to chat with without actually signing on facebook… But palringo is good because it keeps you online for a little while after you close the app and sends the messages that are sent to you to your email so you don’t miss anything… Both apps also allow you to record voice as well… I don’t think I’ll ever pay for msn app, especially 15.00+ (beejive) maybe a few dollars but definitely not that much

  • cheese

    *Edit* – Actually I checked and apparently I lied lol… Palringo allows you to send voice/pictures and nimbuzz allows you to send emails to your friends emails and also allows you to make free calls via wi-fi threw the app either by your cell phone contact list (which is available right in the app), using your VoIP account or skypeout… I have yet to use the call feature, but I imagine it works fine I don’t see why not

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