Review: Connect to anyone with “Whiteboard”


Hey all!

Today I have a very neat application up for review. It is called “Whiteboard” and it allows you to connect to anyone that has the app and together you can write, draw, or simply collaborate.

Whiteboard by Logicopolis Technology

The best I can describe Whiteboard is this; Have you ever used the whiteboard function with MSN Messenger or Windows Netmeeting? If so, then you know exactly what this is. Expect on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Once you download the application, you send a session invite to a friend which is in the form of an email and there is no registration required! Within the email, the recipient can either download the app (if need be) or start the session with you with either an iPhone OR a web browser! Once you start the session, you are the “Controller” because you started the session and the rest of the participants are “Viewers”. At any time as the Controller you may pass control so that someone else can use the Whiteboard.

This is a great feature of control because with Whiteboard you can have up to 100 users using the same Whiteboard and imagine what would happen if everyone had control! Gah! So this control scheme is fantastic.

Within the Whiteboard, you use your finger to draw or write in either portrait or landscape and the app supports pinch gestures. You also get a couple of expected options: Delete, changing line width, color, shape, and shake to undo. You also have a button that allows you to move the entire Whiteboard around so to see additional text and/or drawings, however in my tests, this feature was a little buggy.

So Whiteboard is still growing and once you play with the application and you calm down from how cool this application is, you will get a TON of ideas on how to expand your app. When this happens, contact the maker of the app and send him your thoughts!!!!!!

You can check out Whiteboard at the iTunes AppStore. It runs for $2.99 and it is well worth it. Considering some of the updates coming, this application is a blast once you get a group of friends together!

Enjoy everyone!

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  • Dusty

    Sounds like a fun app. good review.

  • Thanks for the review X1Zero!

    Hope that everyone enjoys Whiteboard and decides to post their ratings at the App Store. If anyone one has comments, suggestions, issues or questions please let us know by email as we’d love to hear from you.


  • generalinq

    Sounds cool. If i missed this part sorry but does it let you display doc or powerpoint presentations?

  • Docs or powerpoints can not be used.

    Whiteboard can let you share and whiteboard on a picture from your photo album or, if you are on an iPhone, will let you do the same with a Photo taken directly from the camera.

  • BTW… I found a jailbroken version of the app floating around… if anyone with a jailbroken iphone or ipod touch tries it out and can let me know (1) if it works and (2) if it stops working after the 3rd or 4th try with a “Trial Period Exceeded” message and (3 — if it did stop working) whether or not that ticked you off?

    Thanks and Cheers!

  • Charles Mason

    Damn you logicopolis! Im not even going to bother trying to program if its going to mess up my iphone! 🙁 The point of jailbroken apps is to try it out get the point…

  • Charles.. don’t worry Whiteboard does not mess up your phone. We simply detect if we’ve been cracked to work on a Jailbreak and then allow you to try-before-you-buy.

    My question was just asking to see if anyone had tried the Jailbreak version to see if the Trial Period stuff actually works as we can only develop and test on non-Jailbroken devices.