ScoreMobile iPhone App Updated with New Gesture-Based Interface and iOS 5 Support


One of my favourite apps, ScoreMobile (launched in 2008) has been updated for the iPhone. The latest 3.0 update was part of a complete redesign that includes support for iOS 5, alongside a new gesture-based interface. These guys made an already awesome app even better. Here’s what’s new:

What’s New In Version 3.0
* Completely re-designed gesture-based interface
* Player card profiles (Player photo, Recent performances, Season stats, Bio etc.)
* “My Score” area to customize the app to your needs. Follow any team, or player throughout the season to view their performances* Player grouping ability to follow all of your fantasy teams in one app; live up to the minute
* Team view to browse news, rankings, recent performances, season schedules, rosters and injuries
* Social sharing ability: share any blog post or news article via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or email
* iOS5 Support



Upon launching the app there’s a simple and smart tutorial that explains how to use the new app. You can follow individual players and add them to groups plus set custom alerts. The drop down bar lets you access any sports category easily, and you can quickly drag to rearrange the order. There is also access to all The Score blogs too.

This is a fantastic update to one of the most popular sports apps out there.

Click here to download ScoreMobile for the iPhone. It’s free.


  • Anonymous

    i love how the guy in the screenshot is tapping on the Leafs game! 😛

  • Mcrichar

    you can track certain players now which makes it great for fantasy pools!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Did they add a “stop sucking” button for the Calgary Flames?

    …No? Damn it.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it will help Matt Stajan and his 3 assists in 15 games!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been following the Packers-Lions game and this update is flawless. Definitely one of the best apps to have

  • Anonymous

    Hey! That’s 1.5 million per assist! That’s a GREAT deal!

    *face palm*

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Next Update

  • Michael

    I thought he was tapping on the Devils game. 😛

  • Adam@ScoreMobile

    Hey guys,

    Adam from ScoreMobile here.

    Thanks for all of the positive comments about the update, we really appreciate it. If you guys have any problems or questions, please contact us: