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Update 1: There’s an ‘easter egg’ within this app. Drag your finger down on the speedometer after testing is complete. Thanks Lijamez!

If you are a fan of testing your 3G network speeds from the ‘Big 3’ carriers, then you’ll be happy to know that has just been updated.

The new update brings the following changes:

What’s New In Version 2.0.1
Completely revamped user interface
– Takes full advantage of iPhone 4 Retina display
– Also tuned for previous generation devices

Real-time graphs for download and upload tests
– See throughput consistency over test duration
– Identify drops in connection quality

Improved testing engine performance
– Most noticeable on older hardware

The new revamped interface is pretty nice, and the new real-time graphs are a nice touch. Here are my 3G test results from my iPhone 4 in Vancouver on Rogers:

What are your current 3G download speeds? Let us know by copying the following and completing in the comments!

iPhone Version:

Thanks to Daniel for the heads up!


  • Supermr2

    Iphone 4 with IOS 4.1
    Network: Fido in Edmonton
    DL:4.59 Mbps
    UL:3.34 Mbps

  • Lijamez

    Try sliding down the speedometer after testing 😉

  • Sparky

    Thanks Greg! 🙂

    iPhone 3GS iOS 4.1
    Network: Rogers in Kingston, ON
    Download: 5754 Kbps
    Upload: 226 Kbps


  • Sparky

    Haha awesome Easter egg. Creepy though

  • Omactile

    Iphone 4 on the Rogers network, barrie ON
    DL-3.8 Mbps

  • Cyber6

    Bell QC Montreal
    DL: 3.06

  • JD2

    iPhone Version: iPhone 4
    Network: Rogers
    Download/Upload: 801 kbps / 635 kbps

    right beside the airport… damn the DL is terrible here!

  • JfromK

    Yay.. Banner Ads!!! O.o

  • erth

    iphone 4
    network bell
    donw/up 4.75mbps/1.78mpbs
    downtown windsor ontario

  • Mojan1802-troopermd

    iPhone Version: iPhone 4

    Network: Telus

    Download/Upload: 4.27/1.62

  • Spencer

    iPhone version: iPhone 4

    Download: 4.08 Mb’s

    Upload: 3.30 Mb’s

    Network: fido in Saskatoon, SK

  • Ilya

    iPhone Version: iPhone 3GS
    Network: Bell
    Download/Upload: 1.21/0.3 Mbps
    London ON

  • Johnhjkim

    iPhone version: iPhone 4

    Download: 6.2 Mb’s

    Upload: 3.5 Mb’s

    Network: Rogers in Toronto, ON(in my company basement)

  • Snapbooty

    iPhone Version: iPhone 3G
    Network: Rogers
    Download/Upload: 0.60/0.11 Mbps
    Calgary AB

    Garbage compared to others..

  • Creepy! Thanks!

  • Rustybarnacle

    iPhone Version: iPhone 3G
    Network: Rogers
    Download/Upload: 0.75/0.13 Mbps
    Surrey BC

    Also garbage compared to others.. I’m hoping its better at home.

  • Carl

    iPhone Version: iPhone 4 Ver.4.1
    Network: Rogers, Burlington Ontario
    Download/Upload: Ping 148ms Down 3.45 Up .88 from Hamilton ON Server

  • Aleks

    Ping: 325ms
    Download: 1.34 Mbps
    Upload: 1.24 Mbps

    Mountain View, CA

    Even though the speeds aren’t great, I must say that I like AT&T waaaaaaaaaay better than Rogers and Fido when I lived in Toronto. Rogers treats you like the enemy while AT&T, while inept, at least appreciates it’s customers.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone Version: iPhone 3G
    Network: Rogers
    Ping/Download/Upload: 329/1651/80 kbps (average of 3 tests)
    Chilliwack BC

  • iPhone Version: 3Gs
    Network: Rogers (via Brooks, Alberta)
    Download/Upload: 8.13Mbps/.46Mbps

  • jpottle

    Phone Version: 4
    Network: Fido (in Burnaby, BC)
    Download/Upload: 2.74 Mbps / 1.00 Mbps

  • Happy_hentai

    Phone version : 4
    Network: Fido (Montreal)
    Download/Upload :2.41 Mbps / 3.39 Mbps

  • CanSpice

    Phone version: 3GS
    Network: Telus (Vancouver)
    Download/Upload: 1.47 Mbps / 0.28 Mbps

  • Cgomboc

    iPhone 4
    Calgary, ab
    Ping: 150
    Down: 1.57 Mbps
    Upload: 1.94 Mbps
    Average of three

  • Tom

    Test conditions:
    Visibility: Clear Sky
    Tempurature: 18 °C
    Case: Clear case
    Location: Inside office
    Phone version: 4 with iOS 4.0.1
    Network: Bell (in Concord ON)
    Download/Upload: 4.80 Mbps / 2.66 Mbps (1st)
    Download/Upload: 4.33 Mbps / 4.04 Mbps (2nd)
    Download/Upload: 5.28 Mbps / 3.09 Mbps (3rd)
    Avg Download: 4.80 Mbps
    Avg Upload: 3.26 Mbps
    How did I do?

  • LOL! I think you’ve just aced the test. 🙂

  • Russ

    iphone 4
    Fido – Saskatoon, SK
    Ping – 318
    Download – 4.62 Mbps
    Upload – 2.61
    Average out of ten tests

  • een

    iPhone 4: 4.0.1
    Network: Bell
    Location: Cobourg/Port Hope, Ontario
    Ping: 114
    DL: 2.74
    UL: 4.03

  • iPhone 4: 4.1
    Network: Telus
    Location: Lethbridge, Ab
    Ping: 123ms
    Download: 3.21 Mbps
    Upload: 4.05 Mbps

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4 Factory Unlocked Bought In Canada : 4.0
    Network : Robbers
    Location : Downtown Montreal
    Ping : 248ms
    DL : 702 kbps
    UL : 65kbps

    Pretty sucky ? i’ll make another at home cause i’m at work now

  • Snipez

    nice new look, but now it doesn’t find my local server, dammit

  • netskipper

    iphone 4 factory unlocked bought from oakridge mall, BC 🙂
    network fido
    location, richmond, bc
    ping 220ms
    download: 4.35Mbps

    not that bad

  • The new updated looks awesome, but I also noticed that my mbps has changed a bit via wifi. Through my i4 my wifi was peaking at 9.80 on the old speediest app, the new one is peaking at 14.xx mbps. (15 mbps ISP) much better. Although the physical speed is obviously the same, it’s nice to see a more accurate reading on my i4

  • Paulo

    MODEL:iPhone 4
    FIRMWARE: iOS 4.0
    SIZE: 16GB
    DOWNLOAD: 3.17 Mbps
    UP: 4.04 Mbps
    PING: 127ms
    CARRIER: Bell
    LOCATION: Aurora, ON
    STATUS: Jailbroken
    CASE: Bumper

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  • Andrew

    Model: Iphone 4
    Firmware: ios 4.1
    Size: 32 G
    Download: 0.82 Mbps
    Upload: 1.25 mbps
    Ping: 225
    Carrier: Rogers
    Location: Vancouver

  • Timfraser

    iPhone 4 iOS 4.1
    Network: Telus Vancouver (Powell River)
    Download: 2.04 Mps
    Upload: 2.11 Mps
    Ping: 198 ms


  • Drizzx

    Model: iPhone 4
    Network: SaskTel
    Location: Regina area
    Download: 4.89
    Upload: 3.38

    Only had 3 bars of signal so probably could be better. Will test in better coverage area tomorrow if I get a chance.

  • Tags85

    MODEL:iPhone 4
    FIRMWARE: iOS 4.1
    SIZE: 16GB
    DOWNLOAD: 6.16 Mbps
    UP: 3.59
    PING: 185ms
    CARRIER: Fido
    LOCATION: Stouffville, ON
    Server: Markham

  • Bertiespeed

    iPhone 3G
    Ptbo Ontario
    DL = 1.37mbps
    UL = .25mbps

    Awful speed but it’s been unusually slow lately like Rogers

  • Anonymous

    Grand Rapids, MI is the closest server? Pathetic lol

  • simon


  • That’s the ‘easter egg’. I haven’t slept for 5 days because of it.