Stoon Ride: The iPhone App for Saskatoon Transit Riders

A relatively new app is now available for Saskatchewan transit riders. Stoon Ride is the companion app you’ve been waiting for, as it provides data from Saskatoon Transit. Here are some key features:

  • view all buses and their schedules
  • search by stop number
  • search stops by street name
  • add your stops and bus routes to favorites
  • read up to date information from the city on City Tweets
  • view downtown route map
  • instantly report bugs and provide feedback about the app
  • information on how to contact Saskatoon transit
  • automated data refresh and the ability to manually refresh data for greater accuracy

If you’re a transit rider, this is the app you’ll want as tracking bus schedules from your iPhone is extremely convenient. Stoon Ride is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Try Stoon Ride for Free Today–Promo Codes Giveaway
Gaptel, the company behind this app has provided 9 promo codes for us to distribute to readers. They will be posted in the comments below. Let us know what you think of this app!

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  • JH

    Sounds like a good idea! It’s about time something like this is available for Saskatoon Transit users!

  • mike

    All 5 codes have been used.

  • mike

    All 5 codes have been used.

  • The last of the codes!


  • Maybe it’s just me, but if this app was developed for the City of Saskatoon, shouldn’t the app be free to encourage people to use it? Just saying…

  • It’s an unofficial app made by a third party.

  • It’s an unofficial app made by a third party.

  • It’s an unofficial app made by a third party.

  • Not sure why this is needed… They can see their buses coming from miles away in Saskatoon.

  • Anonymous

    what are these for?

  • Saskinvestors

    Because the land is flat 🙂 I believe this app is highly needed in Saskatoon at this time. Kudos to the developers. I hope they will launche for the rest of saskatchewan soon!