Stream Free Internet Music from iPhone with AUPEO!


Pandora Radio is a service that allows for free streaming of internet music. While highly praised in the US, Canada has been left out of the service all together (you can use Onavo to access it via 3G though). I just recently stumbled across what I am convinced is Canada’s Pandora alternative, AUPEO!.

The service is actually spelt with all capital letters and an exclamation mark, although it does accurately represent my excitement for finding it. AUPEO! has a database of music that spans across countless artists. Seriously, I searched for some wacky people and low and behold they were there. However searching for artists isn’t where AUPEO! stops.


Built into the application is the option to search for music based on genre, mood, and sub genre, after which it will pick a song that fits your criteria and play it for you. I searched for the genre “HipHop RAP”, the sub genre “Gangsta Rap”, and the mood “Aggressive”. You should have heard the music that I was presented with. Let’s just say it gave me exactly what I was looking for, words that’ll have your mom threatening to wash your mouth out.

If you don’t like a certain song, you can ban it and you won’t ever hear it again. Likewise, if you enjoy a certain song, “loving” it will make sure you hear more music like it. If you don’t really like the song you’re listening to but don’t want to ban it, you can skip it and move on to the next song.

AUPEO! not only has an amazingly creative user interface for their mobile applications, but a great web app that let’s you sign in on your computer and keep on listening. Users who wish to get more out of the service can upgrade their account to Premium, giving you the ability to edit past bans and loves, use unlimited skips and listen ad-free to high quality music. I’ve only been using the service for a couple of days and I’m seriously considering the upgrade. It’s only $4.95/month, why not?

Click here to download AUPEO!

Do you have a certain music streaming service that you use? Has it convinced you into removing the music stored on your device? Let us know in the comments.

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  • $5 a month?

    Hells to the no.

    Netflix costs $3 more, why do music streaming services think they can charge that much? Jeez.

  • Mikealext

    Terrible audio quality. Can’t believe how poor.

  • Mikealext

    Terrible audio quality. Can’t believe how poor.

  • I just use Onavo to access pandora, much better. The interface here is nice, but the actual service needs to improve.

  • Linkjul

    Uses it for a month, still have 85 days of premium use out of it, because of the android application, sound quality is good and plus well on my xps laptop with Bose speakers

  • Anonymous

    I actually didn’t find it to be that bad. Although it had its patchy times (can’t say my Wi-Fi connection is perfect) it has generally held up well for me through both Wi-Fi and 3G.

  • Anonymous

    It is a bit pricey, but I rarely rent movies (one every couple months?) so paying for a music service that I’ll listen to very frequently justifies the cost. That’s just me personally.

  • Anonymous

    You have quite the setup! I really need to get me a nice set of speakers.