Take Over The World With Civilization Revolution


I find the board game Risk fun, but unrealistic. How can fighting be the only way to win a dispute? This is how Civilization Revolution became my favorite Risk game. It’s world domination, taken physically, or verbally.

While the computer is their flagship console, they have recently been licensing to other consoles, including iOS. As excited as I was to see the game available on my phone, I was rudely awakened by the terrible manor in which they’ve ported the game.

The game itself is really good. It takes a lot of the elements of the full game and appropriately scales them down for the small screen. The graphics are simple, the tech tree is diverse, and the game moves along quite well.


Although I’ve been complimenting the game itself, there’s one huge mistake that convinced me to stop playing. The lack of an instruction manual. No where in the game does it explain what the icons mean or exactly what managing your city does. There’s a whole path you can take to win the game that is completely shrouded in mystery and I’ve even looked online for the answer to my questions but couldn’t find an answer. If you manage to find out what they all mean, do tell.

My last comment on this title is the lack of advancements on their HD counterpart. While the iPhone version runs at $6.99, the HD version comes at $12.99 and offers you a mere larger revision. A shooter I can see being pricier on an iPad. Maybe a sports game. However a board game that isn’t necessarily optimized for a larger screen, charging six dollars extra is ridiculous. After purchasing the HD version, I requested a refund and am much happier running the iPhone version on my iPad, knowing I have six extra loonies in my account.

Click here to download Civilization Revolution

So, do you prefer to buy the HD version of applications? Or do you just run the iPhone version expanded?

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  • Starannp

    I bought the game when it came out years ago. Best game on the iPhone. What I don’t get is the promised “updates” that never came.
    Not only that but the no support in te website, either

  • Starannp

    I bought the game when it came out years ago. Best game on the iPhone. What I don’t get is the promised “updates” that never came.
    Not only that but the no support in te website, either

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed that as well. Maybe one of their “upcoming” updates should include instructions?

  • Anonymous

    This is by far one of the worst port of a game I’ve seen.

    Their is a lack of many options when you create games.
    And when you play, it is so difficult to have some info of what you see. Like to know from which Tribe a unit is part of…

    Personally  I would never recommand this game. It doesn’t help that I never saw a single useful updates too.

  • Bravo25

    I’ve gotten back into a Civ Rev kick on my iPhone, and it is great for getting in a full game of Civ in the span of my commute (by train and subway).  There’s a fair amount of the game that I have not learned (like micro-managing a city), but I’m learning by doing.

    In terms of the ways to win theres:
    – Military – take and hold every other capital.
    – Economic – Save up 20,000 coins and build the World Bank wonder (only available once you hit the monetary mark, I think)
    – Great Persons – Get 20 Great Persons to appear and then build the United Nations wonder (only available once you hit the 20 GP mark)
    – Land on Beta Centari – Reseasch all of the techs, and then build your space station (requires your cities to build 4-5 pieces and then for you to launch them, travel and reach Beta Centari, which is about 15-20 turns after launch).

  • Anonymous

    I agree. It is a sloppy port backed up with a lack of attention by the developer. It’s unfortunate considering the PC version is as good as it is.