Tapatalk iPhone Forum App Review [CONTEST]


Update: Sorry for the delay, here are the codes! More to come, stay tuned!


The forums recently relaunched, and with it comes a new plugin to support the Tapatalk forum app for the iPhone.

This app supports a plethora of various forum software, and creates a unique, easy to read experience on your iPhone. Over 20,000 forums support Tapatalk, which makes it incredibly powerful for forum addicts to do their thing. The app retails for $2.99 in the App Store. It’s the easiest way to visit your favourite forums on your iPhone.

Key Features differentiating from other forum apps:
– Unlimited photo upload
– Facebook Integration
– Customizable signature
– Save images posted in forum to your Photo Album
– Multiple forum systems support means your single purchase will likely usable in more than one forum you frequent
– Multiple Account Support – easily switch identity in the same forum!
– Full screen image viewing support
– Private Messaging support
– And a lot more!

Want a FREE copy of Tapatalk?

Thanks to our friends at Tapatalk, we have FOUR promo codes to give away! How to enter? Easy. We’ll be posting the codes into this post tomorrow in the afternoon PDT, and will tweet out in advance to let people know. Stay tuned!


  • Anonymous

    Cool. This is something I would actualy use on a regular basis. I’ll keep my eyes open for it.

  • I’ll be refreshing this afternoon!  A bunch of the forums I go to regularly support Tapatalk!

  • Godsd3vil

    where are the codes 😛

  • Godsd3vil

    No codes yet its afternooooon 

  • Fishzapper40

    OK, what’s going on? I am starting to lose faith in this site…

  • Godsd3vil

    lost faith given up … dont need the codes anymore!! givinup on refreshing..  (they should now mail the codes to the people that commented :@)

  • Mikey

    Goodnight from the East. 🙁

  • Godsd3vil

    Thanks got mine

  • Chpwn


  • Aw, codes were added but no Twitter notifications. All snagged 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that sucked. I stood by twitter all afternoon and into the night.

  • Anonymous

    How about a small review from someone who got their hands on it.

  • I purchased TapaTalk some months ago. It is an easy to navigate App, and renders the forums in an easily readable fashion. I have not replied to posts using it, as I prefer to do that on a standard keyboard, but for my uses it is easily worth paying the small purchase fee for the utility it offers.