TED iPhone App Launches to Showcase ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’


TED has officially announced the launch of their app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Originally, the app was only available for the iPad (launched last October). TED for iPhone was available in the App Store two weeks ago, but now it’s ready for primetime:

The entire library is available for browsing and searching in both online and offline modes. Bookmark or download your favorite TEDTalk for playback anywhere, including AirPlay. Tune in to TEDRadio for instant, one-click access to a continuous stream of TEDTalks audio. Share favorite talks and playlists with your friends, and much more.


If you’re a fan of ‘ideas worth spreading’, this is a must-have app. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend TEDxVancouver, and it was a fantastic experience. Since its early days, TED has accommodated iPhone users. Back in March of last year, it launched a non-Flash version of its website for iOS users.

I love the inclusion of AirPlay within this app to allow streams right to your Apple TV. Well done, TED team.

Click here to download TED–it’s free.


  • Jmstranger

    I’ve had TED on my iphone for over 2 months now…

  • Weebsurfer

    Me too. Hopefully this means it’s better. Found it lacking originally but maybe I was just lazy.

  • Ryan

    I’ve had TED on my iPhone for about a year. At least I’m pretty sure it’s been about that long. Sounds like maybe they’ve updated some features (I seem to remember it had limited access to talks) but there has been a TED app for quite some time.

  • Yeah the app has been around for a while now. They were either testing it for this release quietly because they finally sent out a PR hit today.