Telus Releases Optik TV Remote App Update to Address iOS 5 Crashes


More and more cable companies are offering iPhone apps to allow customers to control their PVRs. The Telus Optik TV remote was released last Fall, and was eventually updated for iOS 5 last October. However, customers still reported issues with the app crashing incessantly even with the iOS 5 update.

Just yesterday, Telus released a further update for the Optik TV remote app with ‘improved iOS 5 compatibility’. Early reviews by users have reported success with this new update. Let us know how this latest update works for you.

Click here to download the Telus Optik TV Remote Recording app–it’s free.


  • Epserc

    Excellent!  Now when will Shaw have one of this?  I am getting impatient!!

  • Anonymous

    EXACTLY! I’ve been asking the same thing for months!

  • We switched from Shaw to Telus a year ago. This app is awesome!

    Didn’t Shaw get some new PVRs? The news ones might get this functionality soon I bet.

  • Guest

    Shaw Sucks. Behind on technology and consumer offerings. Very poor customer service and tech support. I will be switching!

  • Anonymous

    That’s funny. I would have said the exact same thing about Telus! Shaw’s TV maybe a little behind the others, but their internet is infinitely better then Telus, Rogers or Bell. And that’s why I’ll stick with ’em…

  • Anonymous

    Do you have an AppleTV Gary? My buddy told me that if you have Telus Optik Internet and TV, you can’t stream video over WiFi with the router they make you use. Do you know if that’s true?

  • Shaw’s internet is definitely superior, but for now Telus isn’t too bad. We had some initial speed issues and had to get a tech over to switch over to a newer modem.

    We’re using our Apple Extreme via the router they provide.

  • Anonymous

    Read the Gateway Backgrounder .pdf on this web page.

    Looks like it’s on the way for Shaw Gateway users….

  • Mike

    Gary, I think it’s great you switched to a Vancouver-based corporation entrenched in the community. I know a lot of computer science guys from UBC/SFU who ended up getting jobs at the “Boot” in Burnaby.

  • Reinhart73

    Ya, I stream video from PC to PS3 via WIFI just fine. no problems

  • Yes I do. I stream video to Apple TV via AirVideo and AirPlay. It has worked amazingly well for me. 

  • Justme

    Same here. I got rid of everything Telus I had a couple years ago.  Shaw is far superior and I have had no problems with their customer service.  Their internet is waaaaaay better than Telus and I like these new gateway units.

  • dpgvan

    I have the same issue with my Optik TV router.  Looks like Bonjour or Zeroconf doesn’t work on the Telus router.  Airplay won’t work for some reason.

  • Nagger

    The Telu Optik app sucks. Missing channels and doesn’t work at all lately. Lets face it bothnShaw and Telus have issues and marketing plans, some good and some not. Pick your devil and go with it. Competition is good!

  • Celtic1

    The new update caused my Optik TV to crash all the time. It was working PERFECTLY before the update yesterday….I wish I could remove the update!!!!