Things Cloud Sync Beta Begins–But Is It Too Late?


Things is one of the best ‘Get Things Done’ (GTD) apps (read our Things vs OmniFocus review here), and the group at Cultured Code has finally announced Things Cloud Sync Beta has officially kicked off. Unlike OmniFocus (the most powerful GTD app), cloud sync solutions have been delayed for Things to the point where it has pushed users away.

The new Cloud Sync Beta is limited to the first round of testers. There are some questions that have been answered about the direction Cultured Code is taking with this. It hasn’t been determined if there will or will not be a charge for the service. Also, DropBox and MobileMe have already been eliminated as cloud sync solutions.

I wish Cultured Code the best with their beta test of Cloud Sync. It’s long overdue, and has been their achilles heel in my opinion. I would’ve liked to have Cloud Sync work with either DropBox or MobileMe. It’s a simple solution that continues to work for OmniFocus and 1Password, without a hitch at all. By the time Cloud Sync is finally released, Things could be already behind in the competitive game of GTD apps, as competitors such as Wunderlist (as discussed on Episode 28 of The iPhone Podcast) are free to begin with and include cloud syncing.

Are you still using Things? What do you think about Cloud Sync? Is it too late or will you still wait?

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  • Rrr…I’ve been using Things on my Mac, iPhone and iPad for over a year now, and while I love it I can’t believe how slow they’ve been in terms of coming around to cloud syncing.

    I purchased 1Password around the same time and also have the app on all three devices. The beauty is that as soon as I’ve added, deleted or edited something on one it automatically syncs it through Dropbox and can be seen on the other devices almost immediately. I don’t know why Things couldn’t have used Dropbox as well.

    I’m often adding ToDo’s on my iPhone while on the go, and then when I’m back to the office I would love to be able to pull up the app on my iPad and see what I just added. I can only sync wirelessly at home and not at work, so this is a huge pain in the ass for me and not practical at all. Please improve or you will lose me.

    Oh, and DO NOT CHARGE for this service or you can kiss my royal behind!

  • I just started testing Things, and their local sync is excellent, but they need cloud syncing.

  • I use and love Things, but I’ve restricted it to my iPhone because of the lack of sync. My gut feeling is that Apple is gonna bring a whole new sync API for iOS 5 with iCloud and this late effort by CulturedCode is gonna go nowhere. They have been saying cloud sync ‘its coming’ for over three (3!) years.

  • Awyeahoo

    I love thing, but they are taking too long and are not involving enough people. I am a beta tester for the Mac desktop which is working perfectly. The downside is that I have an iPhone and iPad and have yet to hear back from them for me to beta sync all of my devices. Basically it’s useless for me now. I complete 99 percent of my tasks AWAY from my computer, but plan and enter them at my computer.

    I have switched to omni focus.