TrapCall Blocked Call Unmasking Service Debuts in Canada for Rogers, Telus, and Bell


Update 1: Congrats to the following winners of TrapCall trials (check your emails!):

– Tim
– Derrick Rockwell
– Belsim70

TrapCall is from TelTech Systems, and first made headlines in the U.S. with its initial free blocked call unmasking service. The company has now officially expanded its service outside U.S. borders to launch today in Canada to support customers on Rogers, Fido, Telus, and Bell.

TrapCall users subscribe to a monthly service, setup the program, and then login with the free iPhone app. When you receive a blocked call, you decline it on your phone where the number will be routed to TrapCall, and sent back to you revealing the identification of the caller.


How is TrapCall able to do this? All businesses that own a toll free number are privy to extra information on calls received, such as caller ID and more. Essentially you are subscribing to your own toll free number via TrapCall, thus enabling your own service.

It’s a loophole that some see as controversial based on the premise that some blocked calls have their purposes (i.e. people in dangerous relationships), but on the other side of the coin it allows others to discover the ID of those constant blocked calls from telemarketers (and stalkers). You can even blacklist callers so they hear a message that your line has been ‘disconnected’.

Monthly price plans start at $4.95 and go as high as $24.95 with the most features, such as call recording.

Regardless of your intentions, TrapCall is a service that has expanded to Canada to work on the ‘Big 3’ carriers. Since TrapCall includes its own voicemail service within its plans, Rogers and Fido customers will have to disable their voicemail in order to have it setup.

You can check out the TrapCall iPhone app here and check out their website here.

Enter to Win a Free Month Trial of TrapCall

TrapCall is offering readers a free month trial of their call unmasking service to celebrate their Canadian launch. Leave a comment below and three lucky winners will be picked before the week’s end. Good luck!


  • Sheldon Torres

    Looks great. Would love to it try?

  • Randy Williams

    For what I do for a living that is a great app.

  • Nas Zing

    Mehh y not

  • Medeirossm

    I wanna it. It would be so usefull.

  • Doug_vanwieren

    Looks like a great thing to try!

  • Isimportant

    Would Also love to give it a go

  • Anonymous

    Looks like this could come in handy to prove its my ex wife calling me and hanging up!!

  • Twit Face

    quite interesting… I wish it worked on home phones too!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a great idea!  I get more calls from hospitals than I’d want to admit, but they are always “blocked” calls, so I am forced to answer every “blocked” call. This app would be great, as I could distinguish between telemarketers and the hospital!

  • RMstorm

    Gotta have it.

  • The Bliz

    Now I can see who calls at 3am! I’d love to be a lucky winner of a free month trial.

  • Tim

    Looks like an interesting solution. I can’t see paying $24.95 to be able to record phone calls, etc. but the basic service is reasonably priced – especially for those who often get calls from masked numbers.

  • Anonymous

    It would be great to try this!

  • wahgee

    Please, pretty please with a cherry on top, choose me.

  • Lansky52

    This is a really great app. I would like to try it out.

  • Yorubyo


  • Well, seems expensive but could be worth it. Here is to hoping I can get the trial and see if I would even want to go this route. 

  • Yasik

    That’s would be interesting to c

  • Belsim70

    I read this about a week ago and it wasn’t available here in Canada, I would love this App!!

  • Jeff

    i would like to try this

  • Isamourai

    If its 4,95$ with the voicemail its a better deal than fido’s 7$ vmail. I’d love to try it

  • Isamourai

    If its 4,95$ with the voicemail its a better deal than fido’s 7$ vmail. I’d love to try it

  • Nate

    It is $4.95 with the voicemail, which includes visual voicemail if you’ve got the iPhone or Android app!

  • Love to win a trial!

  • iamlynda

    I’d love to win a trial!!  if we can get it for 4.95/m with vm – I’ll be subscribing

  • Anonymous

    Great service I tried to get it done before until the part about carriers, how long until I know I lost the free trial so I can subscribe?

  • This would something nice to have. I’m getting sick of receiving blocked calls from telemarketers and scammers.

  • Anonymous

    Okey here it goes. I could really use this service. Now , I don’t need to get into the reasons why or the ethics behind it. This service could be an enormously useful tool to me. In fact, even if I don’t get a free trial I am considering purchasing a subscription. Possubly on mulitiple lines . Though I think a “try before you buy” period of time would most likely push a decision on my part. I sure would like a to be chosen to try this product.

  • Yarrenbool

    I am very interested in this! A free trial would certainly allow me to decide if it’s right for me.

  • Andy

    That would be sweet if I won 🙂

  • free trial for me?

  • Jon W

    I would love to win a free month trial of TrapCall, so I can finally find out the identity of the person who has been calling my cell, for months now, at anytime of day or night. This could be my answer to  ending this harassment!

  • Anonymous

    I simply don’t answer any call with blocked ID. I don’t even bother to get voice mail service. If you want me to answer your call, unmask your caller ID!! We know pretty much for sure that the blocked called IDs will most likely be telemarketers or scammers except for some groups of people such as police dept. So, what are you gonna do after the service unmask the number for you? I think personally this service will be just entertainment for people like me. It will be fun to find out the evil behind the mask, but no further action is needed to be done. However, I do love the function that I can blacklist the number and the caller will receive a voice message saying this number has been disconnected. I guess it will eventually decrease the amount of blacked calls.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a pretty cool app, I’m sick of blocked calls, coming in. those darn you; won a trip send us your credit info

  • Will it work to unmask calls coming from a cell phone?
    I’m asking this question because I have a toll-free number and when someone calls me from his cell phone, I don’t see their real number even if the caller id is not blocked… I see the routing switch number (or something like that).

  • Charn

    This service sounds awesome I have been waiting for it to be released in canada! 

  • Jason

    Great idea !

  • Coleman

    Sign me up!

  • Cbl

    Sounds awesome… Finally get rid of bothersome calls… Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds amazing. Would love to give it a shot.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds awesome…would love to try it!

  • Pumplove

    def helpful to those who get a lot of blocked calls.
    And fun for everyone else.
    I’d enjoy using it.

  • George Nico

    This sounds pretty amazing! Would love to try it. (:

  • The problem is that you will loose your Visual Voicemail on your iPhone. Visual Voicemail was THE feature that attracted me to the iPhone in the first place.

  • Mizboy

    I like the idea of a recording saying it’s be disconnected. Free trail please!!!

  • starbaby999

    Sounds incredible – would be very willing to try this!

  • Sal

    well i got the service for my rogers iphone 4s but seems i have to cancel my voicemail package that includes my unlimited txting which is the reason trap call will not activate on my iphone so i might have to cancel trap call now 🙁

  • Jeg_T

    Super APP!! I hope I win.!

  • Woohoo, I actually won something! Can’t wait to try this service out, got a few I would like to test it on. 

  • I need your email ;). Contact me!

  • Guest

    I had trap call in Canada since March 2011.

  • Anne

    Please add Virgin Mobile Canada to your carriers!

  • Virgin is Bell… So it should still work…

  • Aaaaaaaaaa

    Does not work. It is not available in the app store. I had purchased this online and it does not unmask calls.

  • Shay

    I cant download the app from app store! is there anyway to download it?

  • Richie NYC

    I use to have it and loved it, but now i am with virgin and can not use it! When will it work on virgin mobile ????

  • I have been getting a lot of harassing calls lately about people claiming to have found my lost cat, asking for money or they would hurt him. The police aren’t willing to give the id’s so I can press charges. This may be exactly what I need.

  • Alex

    I’d love to see who was calling me at 4:30 in the morning just so I can give them a blast and tell them to grow the hell up

  • Vlad

    not available for android 🙁