Freedom Mobile to Launch All-New Plans Oct. 19, Such as $50/10GB and More [u]


Freedom Mobile is set to launch new ‘Big Gig’, ‘Home’ and ‘Everywhere Canada’ plans this week on October 19, according to internal documents seen by iPhone in Canada. The ‘Big Gig’ plans include plenty of data within Home networks, while Everywhere Canada plans include U.S. long distance and text.

All ‘Big Gig’ plans have $0.05/minute calling within Canada and the U.S., but there’s bonus data for a limited time. SMS and MMS are unlimited within Canada, U.S. and to International numbers. All the usual extras like Voicemail+, Call Control, etc are included.

Big Gig

  • $50/month: 12GB data (8GB + 4GB bonus) within Home; 250MB within Away
  • $70/month: 15GB data (8GB + 7GB bonus) within Home; 500MB within Away
  • $90/month: 20GB data (12GB + 8GB bonus) within Home; 1GB within Away

‘Everywhere Canada’ plans all include unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited calls to the U.S. within Home zones, while 2400 minutes are included in Away zones. Global SMS/MMS is included, as well as the usual extras like Voicemail+, Call Control, etc.

Everywhere Canada

  • $50/month: 5GB (4GB + 1GB bonus) within Home; 250MB within Away
  • $60/month: 10GB (6GB + 4GB bonus) within Home; 500MB within Away
  • $75/month: 12GB (9GB + 3GB bonus) within Home; 1GB within Away
  • $100/month: 20GB (15GB + 5GB bonus) within Home; 1GB within Away

Meanwhile, ‘Home’ plans include limited talk and data allotments, starting at $25 per month. They have the usual extras like Voicemail+, Call Control, etc. The starter $25 plan does not have an option for data or U.S. long distance and talk and text.

Previous ‘Everywhere’ plans included U.S. data in Away zones, but these new plans don’t.


  • $25/month: 250 Canada-wide minutes ($0.15/min overages); $0.15/minute U.S. calling; unlimited SMS/MMS in Canada; $0.05/text International, $1.00/MMS International
  • $30/month: unlimited Canada-wide calling; unlimited SMS/MMS in Canada; $0.05/text International, $1.00/MMS International; 250MB data
  • $40/month: unlimited Canada-wide calling; $0.05/min calling to U.S.; unlimited global SMS/MMS; 2GB data; Eligible for Better Together Savings

Earlier this afternoon, Freedom Mobile confirmed they will be selling the iPhone, with a launch set for a future date.

What do you think about these new plans coming this week?

Update Oct. 18/17: Here’s a look at the new plans:


  • Surveillance

    Too bad their away allotments suck otherwise I’d be interested

  • iverge

    I hope Public Mobile, Koodo, Fido and Virgin respond!

  • Jesse

    “$60/month: 10GB (6GB + 4GB bonus) within Home; 5000MB within Away”

    I’m going to guess that might be a type with the 5000MB within away! 🙂

  • Lol, fixed. Just wanted to make sure somebody actually reads these lines 🙂 YOU WIN!

  • jay

    I believe last week it was 1GB away data.

  • E-mann

    Can you confirm if this works with the 35% off friends and family discount?

  • DJRiful

    They won’t, Freedom Mobile Away data sucks and iPhone isn’t compatible or approved to use on freedom mobile network. What? Yes, if you force to use the freedom mobile SIM card on your iPhone, good luck draining your battery.

    Look it up on google about sim draining battery. iPhone is forcing to support odd frequencies that uses more power.

  • Tim

    Why lower away data to 250mb? the current $50 plan includes 1GB of away data.

  • Brandon Arneson

    These plans are expensive compared to my Everywhere 59 plan that I am on for $50 with the $10 3gb data addon. I honestly dont think I’ll switch to a new everywhere plan and if I do I’ll have to go for the $75 or $100 plan. These prices are no longer affordable

  • Brandon Arneson

    What I wanna know is if they are full speed allotments with speeds throttled because if they aren’t then that’s a huge disappointment

  • Brandon Arneson

    then it gets throttled after you pass the 1gb

  • Bob

    no real options below 50$
    they are going to destroy their company very fast.

    are the plans that are 50-100$, do i get a high end smartphone or a better tab than 100$

  • Tim

    throttled is fine since they don’t charge for overages. But lowering it to 250mb?

  • David Hutcheon

    How do you get 35 percentage off

  • Update: refresh the post for a picture of the new plans. for those asking why details were initially left out, we do so to protect the identity of our sources.

  • ?????????

    Not if you have an lte ready plan. Their away data is the best part because the lte supports more bands.

  • Travis Turner

    I called and they said it would be eligible. I’m on the 35% plan too from my work.