Freedom Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Imminent as Testing Concludes


Shaw’s Freedom Mobile is set to launch Wi-Fi Calling for customers in the next few weeks, as the company concludes testing. Wi-Fi Calling allows users to route voice calls over Wi-Fi, which is helpful in areas of low network coverage.

Users on Reddit first noted changes were coming as some saw the update to the LG V20 smartphones.

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Freedom Mobile confirmed the launch was imminent to MobileSyrup, as executive vice-president of technology services, Brian O’Shaughnessy said “We’re in final stages of testing,” adding “Kind of like LTE, it’ll start with one device, then two, then three, then five. Going forward, though, all of our devices will have LTE and Wi-Fi calling, that’s a fundamental requirement of what we’re doing.”

Those setting up Wi-Fi Calling will be required to enter their home address to meet 911 regulations, in the event of an emergency and location needs to be determined.


  • Bill___A

    It will be a nice feature for them. I wonder if it will be restricted to Canada (like Telus) or worldwide (like Rogers)

  • iFone

    well, this would be very convenient, at least in Vancouver, with the thousands of Shaw Go WiFi hotspots around town

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