Shaw Offers $150-$300 Visa Gift Cards to New Customers in Manitoba


If you’re considering Shaw services in Manitoba, the company is offering up Visa prepaid gift cards to sweeten deals.

Starting February 6 to April 30, for customers who have not been with Shaw for the past 90 days, you can get gift cards from $150 to $300 depending on services you subscribe to (via RFD).

Internet 150
Year 1/$49.90, Year 2/$79.90
$150 Visa card

Internet 150 + Personal TV
Year 1/$74.90, Year 2/$125.90
$300 Visa card

Internet 150 + Popular TV
Year 1/$84.90, Year 2/$144.90
$300 Visa card

Internet 150 + Premier TV
Year 1/$99.90, Year 2/$172.90
$300 Visa card

Those looking to get the TV packages, they will include the Shaw Gateway PVR system for up to 3 televisions.

Requirements for this offer include mandatory auto debit payment setup, plus signing a two year contract.

What about existing customers? If you add cable or Internet 150 on a two year contract, you can get a $150 Visa gift card.

A similar offer is available in Saskatchewan (ranging from $100 to $300 Visa cards), so it’s best to call Shaw and ask.

Shaw recently launched their new BlueSky TV service in Calgary and Vancouver, which offers a new wireless remote, to go with an interface based on Comcast’s X1 IPTV platform.


  • Ed Johnson

    Shaw never offers as good of deals to existing customers. I have been with Shaw for 15 years and never can get these deals. I need to start switching between Telus and Shaw every few months/years.

  • Pokieo

    Just to clarify, these are not “gift cards”, they are prepaid credit cards. Prepaid credit cards have an expiry, as these do, whereas a gift card can’t expire in Manitoba and other parts of Canada.

    You could definitely switch every couple of years. To get most promos, you have to sign contracts/value plans that run a two-year duration.