Google Denies Its ‘Google Now’ App For iOS Rapidly Depletes Battery


Google now for ios

Earlier this week, we reviewed the newly released Google Now app update built into the Google Search iOS app. We experienced significant battery drain while using the app. While a number of users have also criticised the app for being a bit too heavy on the iPhone’s battery, Google has today denied that its Google Now app rapidly depletes the phone’s battery, TNW is reporting. A Google employee has stated on a Macworld forum that the “app uses cell towers and WiFi hotspots to minimize battery impact”.

Using the Google Now app for iOS which recently replaced the old Google search app, majority of users have reported that they noticed the Location Services icon being displayed “permanently” and claim that the only way to stop it from appearing was to delete the Google Search app.

“It’s understandable why some people would think this though. After all, Google Now pulls up local traffic information, weather data, and other data specific to the device’s location. With those services, constantly scanning to find out where the phone can potentially keep the app running and result in a battery drain.

But as mentioned earlier, this is not the case. The Google employee, listing their name as “Krisztina”, says that the company has tested Google Now for iOS for months and has not seen any reports of significant battery drain. We have confirmed with Google that Kristztina is an employee in the company.”

Are you experiencing rapid battery drain with the Google Now app on your iPhone?


  • Ervin

    No did not notice anything but did turn off location reports anyway.

  • So a single Google employee on a forum claims she hasn’t seen any “significant” drop, while several others claim the opposite. All anecdotal of course, but statistics are not in their favour.

  • GoogleSucks

    Unfortunately google, you’re full of shitsz. My idle phone in standby (while sleeping) with no charger connected loses less than 1% battery over an 8 hour period. With your app installed and google now functioning, it’s exactly 10%. So a TEN FOLD increase.

  • Oh the irony to see this article now! I just spent several minutes tracking down excessive battery drain and temperature rise on my iPhone and tracked it down to Google. It wouldn’t release the GPS even when closed, and it even kept it on after the app was killed.

    I finally disabled Google Now then killed the app and all is cool now (literally).

  • Here’s what you do if you want to keep it but not have it running all the time. You go into the app, going to It’s “Settings”, going to privacy and turn off “location reporting”. That way, it only looks for your location when the app is running but not when the app is closed. It may mess up the results for Google now but it’s better than having a dead battery.

  • Googleisgay

    Unfortunately the “now” part of the google search app does not function AT ALL without location services enabled. Might as well just be a search app like it used to be. But NOW it’s even less functional as the voice feedback no longer functions. Lame.

  • no, you don’t understand what I said. There is a difference in “Location services” and “Location reporting”. Location services is in the Setting app and controls location awareness at all times, Location reporting in is the google app’s settings under “privacy”, turning that off just disables Location reporting when the app is off. When you have the app open it still functions as intended. try it before you say it doesn’t work.

  • patrick poon

    you have to set voice search language to . english {United States}
    that work for me

  • Mon Mothma

    I definitely noticed the battery drain after installing and launching Google Now. I turned of its Location Services to get battery performance back to normal. Will try the Location Reporting tip as mentioned here though.

  • I like trains

    If u just get a Samsung s4 , s3, or a note 2 u wouldn’t have thos problem because tbh there just better than an s iphone and plus there battery life is way better.