How to Use FaceTime Over 3G on iPhone 4: My3G


Have you tried FaceTime yet on your iPhone 4? One of the coolest features of FaceTime is that it does not use your voice minutes, since the requirement is WiFi.

You can also FaceTime your contacts by tapping the FaceTime icon in their contact profile. This saves you the initial call cost if you’re going to FaceTime with people overseas or in a long distance area. Sweet!

How to Use FaceTime Over 3G on your iPhone 4: Download My3G

Now that the “all iOS device jailbreak” is out of the bag with (currently being slammed by traffic as of August 2nd, 10AM PST), you can now download a tweak to use FaceTime on your iPhone 4 over the 3G network. Here’s how to do it:

1. Jailbreak your iPhone 4 by going to Follow the instructions on screen. You can always restore if the jailbreak messes up.
2. Install “My3G” via for $3.99, or purchase from the ModMyi repo via Cydia for $2.79 (down at the moment).
3. Once installed, it’ll allow you to configure FaceTime to work over 3G. Done.

Let me know how this works (unfortunately is down at the moment). I’m excited to test FaceTime over 3G works with our fast networks in Canada. Have you tried this yet? Let us know!

Video of this in action via 9to5Mac:



  • Guest

    What an awkward YouTube video. I'm sure it works.. Why wouldn't it!

  • thesavic

    dumb lady at rogers said that facetime does use ur miutes, wtf, so what if ur in a normal call then u hit the facetime icon an connect do u stop using ur minutes then

  • Rob

    Basically, when you successfully connect on FaceTime, you drop the cell call and that means no minutes.

    If you initiate the FactTime call from the Contacts page, you can avoid the 20 sec it takes to connect, saving you one cell minute.

  • rorypiper

    I have installed My3G on my iPhone 4, but have yet to test FaceTime.

  • djepsilon

    I would assume that FaceTime calls over 3G would use up your data then but not your minutes…

    Hot damn, I may have to seriously consider JBing my iPhone 4…. Once I get it that is…

  • dustin1007

    im trying to set that up but its not working.. how I do I tell the phone that the number im inputing into contacts has an iPhone 4? and im putting it under 'iphone' ..

  • dustin1007

    now the question is…. how much Data does say a 20 minute facetime call actually use?

  • Oshawapilot

    You have to call the other person with the iPhone 4 themselves at least once normally for your iPhone to register that they are FaceTime equipped to begin with. Subsequent to that all you need to do is make a call and initiate FaceTime n

    I noticed yesterday there are apps popping up in the AppStore already making it possible to skip the call beforehand (going directly to FaceTime instead) thereby saving a minute of airtime.

    All that aside, anyone using 3G unrestrictor (instead of my3g) tried it yet? I bought 3G unrestrictor a long time ago and hate to buy another app duplicating functionality.

  • Houtan

    after you put the number go to contacts click the person and you will see face time.

  •  Xaroc

    I only use 500megs and its very conferrable for me. i never top 300. using FaceTime makes me wonder how fast it will drain my date… similar to youtube? 2-3+ megs a minute? im interested to find out

  •  Xaroc

    the call will fail if that person dose not have a i4 . i tried FaceTime Calling my wifes 3Gs right from the contacts page, touching the FaceTime button

  •  Xaroc

    “Seth is in the forest” lol Seth the bush man needs to invest in a razor lol Sorry seth ^_~ i had too.

  • dustin1007
  • Steve Lam

    does the other person actually have an iphone 4? the other person has to turn on facetime in their settings.

  • Wuju

    as i'm waiting for my friend to set up the new micro sim card… can we still have facetime call without the sim card working yet. Thought the hand shake for Facetime was using the apple ID, so sim card working is not an issue.

    would like to know if 3G unrestrictor works too.

    From My3G menu on the apps that you can use with it, Facetime is not part of the list, I imagine it means it will work automatically then?

  • dustin1007

    yes lol or else i wouldnt be trying

  • Amontrosse

    I installed my3G this morning and I have the defaults selected including mobile phone and it is still telling me I have to connect to wifi to use facetime

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  • Soundcurrent

    I just jailbroke my 3g phone using and downloaded My3g successfully with a 10-day trial. Now what? I don't see an app for Facetime and can't find it in the App store or Cydia. How do I actually use Facetime?
    Confused… Thanks for any tips.

  • Ex

    Now call someone, while on 3G, that has an iPhone 4.

  • Soundcurrent

    Thanks. I'm trying to identify someone in my network with a 4g with facetime to try it out. I guess I find facetime via contacts for the person who has that capability, and there is no separate facetime app, per se, to use. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Soundcurrent

    PS. This may sound like a bonehead question, but given my phone is 3g and assuming I can connect with someone on Facetime, I will only be able to see them live, but they won't see me as there's no front-facing camera… So it's half facetime at best, no? Still. better than a kick in the butt… thanks for any confirmation of how this works for 3g users.

  • Ex

    There is no app. It's built into the iPhone 4. Anyone who has iPhone 4, has FaceTime.

  • If I understand your comment right your talking about doing FaceTime from your i4 to your 3G? If that is indeed what you mean the answer is no. If both phones are not i4's the call will fail.

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  • Go to Settings > Phone – Ensure that FaceTime is ON.

  • A Little Late

    You cannot FaceTime someone from your iPhone 3G it is only available on the iPhone 4. At best, you can download the app Tango from the app store (free) and use that to video chat over the 3G network with someone else who has the Tango app.