Skype 1.2 iPhone Update Still Works Over 3G


Looks like the Skype team has released another update to the popular Skype iPhone app (used to make unlimited calls to Canada/USA for $3/month–read below for more info!). The contacts tab has moved to the top and there is a new SMS feature. Here is a list of the new features in Skype 1.2:

* You can set up call forwarding from your iPhone – forward Skype calls to a phone number when you’re not signed in, so you can pick up calls even when the Skype app isn’t running on your device
* Improved performance and better audio quality when making Skype-to-Skype calls
* It’s even easier to send text messages (SMS) – you can now send SMSs from the Call tab

Skype 1.2 Update Still Works Over 3G!

Currently, Skype does NOT work over 3G as it’s limited to a WiFi connection (heck, Skype isn’t even in Canada). However, there is a away around that if you have a jailbroken iPhone. Currently with my iPhone 3GS, I am using 3G Unrestrictor which still works with this latest 1.2 update. If you’re using an iPhone 3G, VoIPOver3G should work too (someone let me know). Here’s proof it’s still working over 3G:


How to Download Skype in Canada and Make the Cheapest Long Distance Calls–EVER!

1. Create a US iTunes account without a credit card.
2. Download Skype.
3. Setup a SkypeOut account and make unlimited calls to Canada/USA for $3/month (sure beats paying $0.35/min long distance)! If you have SkypeOut credit, that will enable you to send SMS and activate Caller ID (to show any mobile number).

Here is a screenshot of the Skype 1.2 update (notice the warning message is still there for modified iPhones–but it still works like a charm). The contacts button is now easily accessible up top, and the SMS icon has replaced where the contacts button used to be:

photo 2(2)

So there you have it. Skype 1.2 is safe to use if you’re one of the many using Skype over 3G on your iPhone! 🙂


  • Is there away to stay logged in to skype on the iphone even when you close the application?

  • Try installing Backgrounder. Use that for Skype and then the app should run in the background.

  • CO

    Looks like Apple does not allow iTunes accounts without a credit card anymore. My old iTunes account has been disabled, it seems, and the form to create new accounts does not show the “none” option for payments anymore.

  • Dusty

    Good news

  • ryhchan

    I m using iPhone 3G, jb, with voip3g installed. After I installed skype1.2, the app simply can't work at all. When try to make a call, the app crashes while I was dailing the 4th number. Go to contact crashes again. check my account crashes too! @_@

  • Skype is also available from Installous …

  • andy318

    I can confirm that it works for me with the voipover3g hack. Running on iPhone OS 3.0

  • bringer666

    I don't get why Skype doesn't use push to let you know you've got an incomming call when you don't gave the app running.

  • djelimon

    Doesn't 3gunrestrictor work on iPhone 3g?

    Also, I heard pay as you go credit cards you buy in shoppers register as US credit cards.

    Skype 1.2 is not yet on appulous

  • Thank you!

  • We posted about buying a Vanilla MasterCard from Shoppers Drug Mart a long time ago. It worked then, but I haven't tried it since so YMMV.

  • guenno

    3g unrestrictor not only makes Skype think its on Wifi, but also tricks the iphone. Therefore the usage statistics doesnt change or update after using skype over 3g. Not a huge problem, but just keep that in mind when using skype and 3g a lot. Rogers uses a different way to monitor data usage on the device, so the stats on the phone is lower than what rogers monitors.

  • jamez33

    Thanks for the great info. After you posted this, I am now a skype user and spent a good chunk of the day making phone calls via 3g saving 30 cents a minute! Nice, and thanks so much. One note, you can use VOIPover3G instead of 3Gunrestrictor if you only want this to make voip calls over 3g and no other apps. But be sure to first install Mobile Substrate first, then Voipover3g through Cydia. I installed Voipover3g first, and ended up having to restore and re-jailbreak. So install Mobile subtrate first, then Voipover3g. Same developer as 3G Unresitrictor, but its free.

  • fuzzylogic1

    Skype is supposed to be officially released on Canadian app store tommorow it said in the globe and mail.

  • larrylion

    Just HOW do you create a US account without a credit card? I must be having a dumb moment here, but I see no way around the credit card issue. Please explain with screenshots!

  • larrylion

    Just HOW do you create a US account without a credit card? I must be having a dumb moment here, but I see no way around the credit card issue. Please explain with screenshots!